Soulmates luncheon

Alisha with Mommy, Aunty Aliaa, Aunty Chick and Aunty Lala

Last Sunday, my bestfriends and I met up for lunch. It’s quite a rare occasion that we get to meet, eat and just chill without anyone having to rush off in the next hour. Actually, it’s a rare occassion that we all get to meet. LOL.

Everyone’s busy with work and life that it’s hard to find an agreed time and date for the four of us to have makan-makan. So I was extremely excited to have lunch with the ladies. Furthermore, Alisha was to join us!!

We had lunch at Citrus, Bangsar Village 2, and Alisha, myself and her Aunty Lala arrived a little late..hehehe.. since Aunty Lala had to pick up the both of us, and of course, going out with the diaper bag and stroller etc it took a little bit more time than we thought was necessary.

I finally got to give Chick her birthday present, which was looooong overdue 😀 sorry about that Chick..heheh..

So we sat, ordered lunch, chitty chatty.. then the Chempedak wanted nenen. Aiyak. So I had to excuse myself to look for a place to breastfeed her. We weren’t seated inside the restaurant, otherwise I would’ve just covered myself with a shawl and fed her. We were sat at makeshift tables and chairs outside because a birthday party was happening inside Citrus. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a breastfeeding room at BV2 (booo!!) so I had to make do at the surau.

After feeding her, I joined the girls again, occasionally having to get up and push Alisha around, she was being quite fussy that day since she didn’t get enough nap time. Nak buat camane, girls’ day out, so she refused to sleep!

Anyway, in between the feedings, pushing the pram, passing Alisha from one aunty to the other, we had a great time just chillin’ out with each other.

It was great catching up with my soulmates. They’re the ones who will have my back no matter what. They’ll give me rainbows when I’mm feeling blue, celebrate life’s greatest accomplishments with me, keep me grounded when I’m about to float too high, keep me sane when I feel like running away and just love me for being me.

I heart you soulmates!! May we stay unicorn forever!! 😀


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