Baby Banter

I think by now it is common knowledge among my friends and family that my current hobby is dressing up my little girl. I can’t help it, baby clothes are just way too cute to say no to! Every now and then I’d come home with my environment friendly reusable shopping bag filled with tiny goodies for Alisha. Heheheh… But I’m not that big a fan of retail, online shopping is my thang and every now and then, a parcel would be delivered to the house, much to the husband’s horror (“baju lagi?!”) 😀

Dulu, sebelum ada anak, asyik beli baju sendiri, skarang asyik beli baju anak pulak..baju sendiri dah takde budget…hahahha…

Hence I came up with my very own review blog, Baby Shopaholics. It’s to feed my own cravings, lol! Takleh beli sendiri, share ngan orang lain pun best woo..heheheh..

I went through the phase of buying her toys at one point in time. Then I realized it was rather pointless to buy her the tiny-tiny ones because you know what she ends up liking most?

The tissue box.

Tissues rock!

Sabar je lah kan.

So I figured I might as well save up a bit and buy her cool toys which has music and lights and that she can press press press and kick kick kick and it’ll react, since she likes that sort of thing (tried and tested at friend’s house 😀 )

Oh, and from the cheapest end of the toy line, Alisha also favours toys at the highest price range.



Yeappp..this little Chempedak is starting young. Everytime she sees a laptop, she’ll start patting her hand on the surface nearest to her (konon-konon macam dia patting the keyboard lah).


I’m really good at this Mommy!

She even has her own online game that she looks forward to. Whenever I can, I’ll open up Fisher Price’s online games for babies and let her play one of the baby games. Her favourite is the one where she presses any key on the keyboard, and animals will pop up with sounds and go “peek-a-boo!”.


I love this game!!

She’d have the widest grin on her face and pound on the keyboard with her chubby little palms as fast as she can, and the animals on screen will start having a peek-a-boo frenzy, hahahahha!!

Something tells me this little adorabubble is gonna be a handful..hehehe…


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