Lovin’ Langkawi

During the first week of March, me and my mini family went on a lovely holiday courtesy of tiny Alisha. Yes Doodlers, my little baby took her parents on a holiday at only 6-months young. How, you ask?

Well she won the grand prize at a lucky draw during the husband’s Family Day held at the end of last year. Amazing kan? Rezeki Alisha J Alhamdulillah. Yang terlebih enjoy, of course la mak bapak dia..ahahhaha
It was simply fantastic. We went off to Langkawi via Air Asia, Alisha’s first ever plane ride!! She was excited all the way, didn’t even make a fuss! After take off, she whined for some milk and then fell asleep for quite awhile. She woke up all chirpy and made friends with people sitting around her. Friendly little doll, she even said “hey” to the couple sitting way across the other aisle.
We stayed at Berjaya and the place was just amazing. Food wasn’t that impressive but hey, we’re on a free holiday, who’s wanting to complain about food kan!
Oh yes, when we got to the hotel, we realized there were a huge number of young Indian lads and lassies around the lobby area. Upon asking the receptionist, we found out that a college from India, JAIN College, organized a college trip for their students. Gila hebat tak? College trip datang Mesia duduk kat Berjaya Langkawi!
Here’s the best part, guess how many of them were there. How many? Guess laa guess guess 😀
Nope..not 100, nooope.. not 300 either.. ok give up? LIMA RATUS LIMA PULUH LAPAN TERMASUK LECTURER. Yes Doodlers, 585 of them! It took 17 busses and brape lori ekcik ntah to transport them from airport to the hotel ok!! Gila tak!? I am still amazed at how the organizer managed to handle all of them. Memang Kuch-kuch Hota Hai terus Berjaya Hotel tuh jadinya, hahahahaha.
Anyway, Alisha totally enjoyed her holidays. She made friends with people from India (deyy bayya!), a young Pakistani couple (the wife was so fond of Alisha that she asked us if she could take a picture with Alisha), an elderly Lebanese (or was he Arab) man with his young wife (I am assuming), another couple who spoke to her in a language that sounded German or Dutch (and Alisha replied with her usual “heyy heyy”, much to their delight), a young Chinese couple who were obviously from Australia (ataupun Malaysian yang dah lama sangat duduk Australia pastu lupa diri), and some young kids from Slovaskia and mana ntah lagi.
I repeat, ALISHA made friends k, hahahaha… she would say “heyy” with her huge gummy grin to whomever catches her fancy. Mommy and Daddy dia mampu sengih je..ehheheh..
OHH YEAHH!! It was Alisha’s first time at the beach!! SHE JUST LOOOVES THE SAND!! Kalau boleh dia nak golek terus in it! hahaha!! She loved it so much she even tried to eat some!
Check out the pictures below from our wonderful little holiday 🙂
Alisha super excited! Waiting to board her very first plane ride!!
We’ve arrived!!
Our little chalet
At the beach!!
Uuuhh!! SAND!!!!

Higher Daddy!!! Higher!!
Alisha’s first swing ride!
Mommy and Daddy play mokey-pick-up-sticks while Alisha struggles to reach for a ball
Get ball get ball get ball get ball
Taste the ball taste the ball taste the ball
This place rocks!
Off to the swimming pool! Alisha takes a siesta in her pram..
Can you spot the walrus?
Lovin’ her splish splashin’ time with Daddy!
Daddy, Alisha and Alisha’s Slovaskian friend, Sarah
All our bags are packed, it’s time to go home…
~The End~


  1. Oh my Alisha has grown sooooooo much!! She's so cute!!! I remember reading your entry when you gave birth to her :p My little one is about 5.5mths, so I'm pretty sure Alisha about 7 months? Cos when I read your delivery entrym it was during Ramadan and I was also waiting for my moment!

    But I must say this again, she is soooooooooo lovely!!!

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