A jolly holiday!

Hi my fellow Doodlers!

Before it gets a little too late, I would like to wish those who celebrate Chinese New Year..Gong Xi Gong Xi!!

Over the long weekend, Alisha, the Daddy and I went for a little family getaway and boyyy was it fun! Apart from being a much needed family time, we spent hours and hours of quality fun time just the three of us. Simply wonderful.

We stayed at the Royal Bintang Seremban and I must say it was quite an impressive hotel! Ok first things first, some of you might be wondering, “what’s in Seremban??”. Honestly, I have no idea, hahahahha… we went there because it wasn’t too far a drive but still far enough for it to feel like a holiday getaway. We spent most of the time at the hotel and it was great 🙂

Alisha was super excited the day we were leaving for Seremban. I guess she could sense from all the packing and commotion that something exciting was about to happen. She couldn’t stop fidgeting about, laughing and giggling and kept checking to see that Mommy and Daddy were still around (afraid that she’d get left behind! lol!). We got there after quite a slow drive, the balik kampung traffic was still at its peak but the little one was so well behaved, she barely gave any fuss during the drive.

Alisha sleeping on the way to Seremban

We reached the hotel safe and sound, without getting lost too! Thank God for GPS, heheheh… oh and of course, the husband’s careful driving 😉 Checked in, chilled in the room for a bit, then headed to enjoy the hi-tea spread. Alisha took a nap while we ate so not much of a problem there. The food was pretty good and after we ate our fill, we headed back to the room to let Alisha continue her afternoon nap.

Enjoying the mamam
Alisha taking her afternoon nap

We just couldn’t wait for her to wake up! We were to take her swimming!! The moment she opened her eyes, we got her dressed in her little swimming suit and off to the pool we went!

In her little swimming suit!
All set with her robe on!! With matching booties too!

She absolutely loved her first experience of the swimming pool! Check out the pictures 😀

The pool!

And here’s a little video of her floating around with the Daddy’s help.


We’re simply thrilled that she enjoyed swimming, we can’t wait to take her again!

Her splish splashing experience kinda left the little one exhausted that she was completely knocked out for two hours straight after that, hehehehe..

Total knock out

That night we went to have dinner at this place called Kensington Restaurant. I found it via this food review blog called KYSpeaks and I seriously thank the owner of the blog because DAYUMN THE FOOD’S AWESOME!! We ordered the seafood platter (which is actually a starter dish) as main course, mushroom soup, stuffed crab and two pieces of Canadian oysters on ice. The seafood platter had A LOT to offer. There was a mountain pile of fried calamari with tangy sauce dip, clams cooked in some way (I couldn’t taste that as I am allergic to clams), deep fried prawns and cheese baked crab. Oh my god, the cheese baked crab was to die for. I think I finished the serving in five spoonfuls. The prawns, lovely. The calamari was kinda ok la, I’m not such a big fan of squid. The most yummiest of what we ordered that night has got to the the Canadian oysters on ice. Fresh oysters the size of your palm, they looked rather scary at first. I made the husband eat his oyster and stared to see his reaction as he took the first munch. When he exclaimed how good it was (huge, but good) only then did i dare to cut the oyster into half (mulut kecik, nak buat camne) and taste it. IT WAS THE BEST OYSTER U HAD EVER TASTED!! You know how oyster usually have this gooey slimey icky feel when it gets into your mouth? This had none of that! It tasted fresh, sweet (yes, sweet!) and just plain marvellous!! So if ever any of you are in Seremban, headon down to Kensington’s and make sure you get yourself an oyster! Oh, they’re RM6.50 per piece 😀 totally worth it.

The next day was another day of makan-makan and swimming for the little one. We took her to the tiny playground too and she displayed much interest in the bouncy toy motorbike. Awek rempit rupanya si kenit ni..hehehhe..

Vroom! Vroom! Yeargh!

That night, we had a lovely Chinese course dinner at the hotel, and in conjunction with Valentine’s Day they gave us tea-light candle holders as gifts. Cute gesture. Food was again highly satisfactory 😀 I just love to makan, heheheheh… and to make it even better, Alisha was in top notch behaviour. She simply dozed off in her pram as we ate. So dapat la Mommy and Daddy dating-dating cam dulu-dulu..hihihi *ketawa gedik sambil tutup mulut*

Alisha in her Gong Xi Fa Chai gear!

We checked out of the hotel in the afternoon the next day, and I must admit I was a bit sad we had to go back to KL. I was loving every minute of our little holiday. Though just a few days long, Alisha’s first real holiday was certainly an enjoyable one, of definitely a memorable one indeed.

To the Daddy, thanks for taking us to Seremban, it was doodletastic! 😀


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