Ok I know that I barely have any time to update my own blog even, I co-own two blogshops and now I’m talking about ANOTHER project?!

Hahahah, ok actually I wanted to embark on TWO new projects ok, but the husband managed to talk me out of the other one. Therefore I am only doing this particular one. What is it you ask?

It’s a BABY Online Shopping Review Blog!! 😀 Can I hear the mommies out there say “Yaaaayyy!!” hahahahha!

Check it out! It’s called Baby Shopaholics 😀

I’ve only just started, with one review at the moment. Still tweaking the blog here and there to make it better, so I welcome your comments and suggestions ya?

What made me start this little review blog? Well, we all know that there are a lot of blogshops out there selling almost anything you can think of, mostly clothes. However, though we can find quite a number of review blogs for clogshops that sells clothes for us big girls, I can’t seem to find one out there for the little people! So I decided to start one myself, mainly just to share my likes and interests in finding awesome stuff for babies at the click of a button 😉

So do drop by and share your thoughts and spread the word around k!!


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