I need…

…Retail therapy!! Ugh!

Seriously, it’s been quite awhile since I bought myself something and at times like these, all I want to do is just take off and do damage to my own pocket. Oh wait, ehm, minus the Coach handbag I got as a happy new year gift to me.. hehhehe..

All efforts are going into pretending like I am back to normal. Happy happy me but damn it all that forlorn, sorrow and heartache is eating me up inside. Well, who cares as long as everyone else is happy, right?

Right! That’s just the way it is.


Whaddya know! Just as I was writing about retail therapy, a cousin called to tell me that he’s at the TTDI Plaza bazaar!! WOOT WOOT!!

“Liyana! I’m here at the TTDI Plaza Bazaar! Everything’s SO YOU!!”

Hhahahahaha, don’t you just love it when people drop these one liners that make you smile.

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