All my bags are packed, come on let’s go!!!

Wooh! The past few days have just been AWFUL!! It’s amazing to what lengths some people go to make your life miserable, and then others expect you to keep them happy. Tsk tsk. Such pompous and selfish behaviour must be frowned upon. Boo. Boo to you lot.

I will not let it spoil my weekend however 😀 It’s back to my parents’ this weekend and for the next month (we’re professional nomads you see, me and my little family) so WOOHOO!! I have never been happier!!

You know what I’m going to do? I’m going to spend the weekend catching up with you Doodlers!! A weekend of blog hopping to the max!! yaaaaaaayyy!! I also have another little project planned, but it’s been stalled for quite some time. Hmm.. I really should sit down and plan my schedule properly. I think I should do up a timetable. Yes, that’s what I’ll do.

OK! Till I have my timetable ready, ta peeps!!


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