If I could…

This whole post would be filled with curses and swear words in 20 paragraphs.

But that’s not me. I’m bigger than that. I don’t curse at people unnecessarily. I don’t give people the silent treatment if they’re not in the wrong. I don’t scold people without reason and I certainly don’t punish them if they have done nothing to deserve it.

I guess that’s the problem then. I’m too nice. I’m too nice and people take advantage of it. I’m too nice and people think they can take me forgranted. I’m too nice that when I voice out my dislike or disagreement, people don’t know how to react and then shun me. I get shit for saying stuff like “Please be nicer to my baby”.

Isn’t that my right? I’m the mother, aren’t I?

Well.. apparently that rule does not apply to beings who are in the “higher position”.

They can do and say WHATEVER they want. In the end, I am still at fault.

What a wonderful life.

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