Soaring through

Time flies when you’re so occupied with just about everything you can think of. Right now, I’ve pretty much devoted all the time that I have to my mini family and my work. Things seem to be running smoothly and I simply could not ask for more 🙂

Alisha’s growing up so fast. She’s got the cheekiest smile and the most adorable little character. She recently discovered how to pout to show that she’s upset and so nowadays, if she doesn’t like a certain something or certain someone she’ll make it super obvious.

Currently she’s having fun with her toes, hihih… you see, usually we put on socks or booties for her in case her feet get cold (orang tua-tua kata nanti masuk angin). Lately though, we let her tiny toes free and she just loves feeling everything with her tiny toesies. She’s even learnt how to grip using her toes! The other day, the Daddy was holding her high up in the air when she reached for his face with her feet and gripped his lower lip using her toes, hahahahahah!

I tried giving her a little bit of solids the other day, but she didn’t seem to know how to manouver the whole swallowing skill yet, so I’ll let it be for a while and try again next month. I just love the little bubble so much!! Every morning she’d wake up and give the husband and I her big gummy smile and I swear it’s the best way to start any day. Honestly I never knew I could have this much sense of love and protection towards any being. If I sense any “threat” towards the baby, it’s like Momma Lion instincts get switched on and people just better watch out not to cross the line or they’d have to face some serious growling.

The husband’s now a full time student! It’s just so great because in a way, we get to spend more time together and he helps out A LOT with the little one. I’m just so blessed to have such a loving and understanding other half *swoon* last week was our 9th Coupleversary.. hehehe.. the super sweet husband was all nostalgic and started reminiscing about the time we met and how he’s so happy that we’ve ended up together and now have our very own family together. I heart you too baybeh!!

Work has been a lot of fun for a change 😀 Recently I was given the honour of emceeing the department’s programme called “Campus kaChing!”. It was an awesome event. Think money management lessons meet Malaysian Idol, hahhahahaha!! I’ll write about that more in detail in some other post. I’ve also finished writing two articles which in the beginning I had absolutely no idea how to start, so I’m very proud of that (huge achievement nih!!). Apart from that, CMB has taken off quite well 😀 Even though it’s just a side thing that the Babester and I do for fun, we’re just head over heels that people seem to like our stuff and we get reviews too!! So that’s absolutely marvellous.

I just wish I had a liiiittle bit more free time so that I can catch up with the rest of the Doodlers, I’ve hardly had time to read your blogs and I miss all of you!!

Whoops, ok gotta get back to work now. Later peeps!!

Big hugs!


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