Berus Gigi

Sometimes the husband and I have the most ridiculous conversations. One morning, as he was getting ready for work and I was still golek-goleking on the bed, I heard him exclaim from the bathroom “EYYY!!”

The following conversation then took place :

Husband : EEEeeyy!!!! Kenapa berus gigi you lawa??!

Me : What?

Husband : Berus gigi you!! You tukar! Dah lawa!

Me : Yeah, you tukar berus gigi hari tu, I thought it was about time I changed mine as well.

Husband : Yer tapi you punye lawaaa
Note : I bought the pretty pink see-thru jelly one while he bought the boring blue and white one

Me : So?

Husband : I nak pakai you punya. I don’t care.

Me : What?!

Husband comes out of bathroom with huge grin on his face.

Husband : Dah pakai dah.

Me : WHAT?!!?

Until today, I have no idea whether he was pulling my leg or he really did use my toothbrush. Gross.


  1. hi yana! walaupon cam dh terlamabt but……congrats on becoming a mom!!! 🙂

    ni jaja la from mmu. kite satu rumah kat emerald park dlu. ingat tak? kite dh follow ur blog lama dh tp jadi silent reader jer. can u send ur address to 012-2144373 cos i'm getting married next month. nk anta kad kawen to u. pls pls? 🙂

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