Diaper Brigade

My husband’s my hero. Whenever there is a diaper situation (and there’s one almost every day, especially in the wee hours of the morning) he’s there on the double!! Once in a while I’d take over lah, giving the Daddy a break on Sunday mornings, heeheheh…

Lihatlah pose macho Huggies Hero ini!! Wahahahahahah!!

Siap sandang diaper bag tuuu… jangan memain..hahahhaha

Anyway.. what’s everybody been up to? Hope you all had a great Hari Raya AidilAdha 😀 I sure did! The husband, little Alisha and myself went back to Malacca to my grandma’s place. I was so extremely happy, you know why? Because I missed Hari Raya this year!! I didn’t get to eat all the yummy raya stuff when everyone was piling their plates. So when we went back over the weekend, I loaded my plate with all the lemang and rendang to my heart’s content! Best giler wokey.

Alisha had fun too! First of all, she’s a great travel-baby. She sleeps throughout the entire journey and only shifts about a little to get comfy or to check out if we’ve arrived whenever the car stops (either at traffic lights or during traffic jams). Then, once at the great-grandma’s crib, she particularly enjoyed all the attention her uncles (her one and only Tia was not around unfortunately), grandma, grandpa, grandaunts, granduncles and great-grandma were giving her. She also got to spend a lot of time with Mommy and Daddy (bonus! Woohoo!!) and to top it off, she got to wear a bunch of pretty clothes!! Mostly for about 10 minutes each because she’d spew out milk that she drank previously all over her pretty new outfits, lol!

In one of her pretty little dresses

Owhh..and of course there was the ultimate diaper doodoo. The little princess gave a huuuuge blow and whooosshh tembus tepi diaper onto her bouncer and of course, her pretty little baju. Maka, Daddy to the rescueeee!! But he needed his trusty sidekick, Mommy, to give him a hand this time around. Heheheh…

Three days of wonderful holidays are over now, and it’s back to work, boohoo. Back to leaving the little one behind for hours long, and the husband is off to another state for a few days for official dealings. Can’t wait for him to come back!! Come back soon love, baby and mommy misses you!!


  1. i seriously find her in this mary poppin dress WAIT.. OR SHALL IS SAY.. MARY POOPIN? AHAHAHHAAHHAHHA. OMG AHHAHAHAH LAME. anyway ha, i find her UBER UBER UBER CUTE!!!!! good to know u had a good delicious raya! 😉

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