Back to the 50s!

Last Friday was the office annual dinner and boy did we have a blast!

Yes, yes, amidst my downheartedness I still managed to float around some happy bubbles enough to enjoy the night.

The theme was the 1950s and while there were some who didn’t bother to dress up, most people did and it was just fabulous. You had people dressing up to imitate the likes of Saloma, characters from P. Ramlee movies, there were a few Audrey Hepburns and the rest simply went along with outfits to suit the theme.

The happy quad!

What the husband and I wore

A colleague of mine performed a dance number that night with his team of dancers and I must say he was REAALLYY GOOD! Seriously got style one!

My colleague the talented dancer!

Entertainer for the night was Amy Mastura and she did a real good job at keeping the crowd happy. She was polite and funny and sang really well.

MMmmm… what else what else… the food wasn’t that great from my point of view but others seemed to like it, so perhaps it was just me.

I didn’t win anything from the lucky draw but our table did get nominated as Best Dressed Table of the night. Unfortunately we lost out to a table of Salomas and Hepburns. Hehehhehe… they were equipped with the gloves and the whole she-bang so I think they deserved it lah.

Nominated as Best Dressed Table

All in all the dinner was short and sweet! Here’s looking forward to another anual dinner!

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