Alisha is 6 weeks old!!

Tido dengan bantal peluk

How time flies! I can’t believe I have to go back to work in another two weeks! *groan* I’m gonna miss my little dumpling every minute I’m away, that’s for sure.

Anyhuuuu, here’s what Alisha, at 6 weeks old, can do!

1. Recognize voices – owh yes, she recognizes the voices of Mommy, Daddy, Tok Pa, Wan, Tia and Jiddah!! She’d give super big smiles whenever she hears the familiar voices except when she hears her Tok Pa’s voice. Itu special sket. When she hears her Tok Pa’s voice, she’d give this senyum-mulut-luas-sambil-ketawa-gedik. Sabar je lah. She knows where her toys will come from. Hahhaha..

2. Mengiring dan terlentang on her own – caught us by surprise this one. I put her to sleep lying down on her side. Minutes later she was grunting with discomfort, and she just turned to lie on her back. Half an hour later, she was back on her side!

3. Respond when you talk to her – with coos, gurgles, smiles and laughter. Oh, but do not ignore her when you’re in the middle of a conversation with her. Happened to her Daddy the other day. He was talking to her and she was enjoying all the attention, when he suddenly got distracted by the news on tv. She stared at him for afew minutes and then went “HEIH!” real loud! hahahahahahahh!!

4. Hold her head up strong and steady – strong set of bones this little one :)if she’s lying on her chest on you, she can lift her head and shoulders like she wants to see the world!

5. Play with her Lamaze cube – she especially likes the side of the cube with has the picture of a panda, hehehehe

6. Make bubbles with her saliva – ehm, apparently she finds this as one of her many signals to tell Mommy that she’s hungry

So those are among the interesting stuff (interesting to me lah :D) that Alisha can do now!!

If only I can teach her how to sleep before 10pm!! Heheheh.. currently Alisha’s bedtime is 2am… aiyak… Mommy is now a walking zombie…


  1. Dulu Qaira mcm tue.. tido lambat.. I trained her, main2 smpai penat then, by 8pm dia dh tido.. make sure ptg tue, dia tak tido lama.. so, bila kita main2 n dia dah penat, dia akan tido dengan bestnya.. try la.. it works for me.. dr Qaira lepas pantang till now, berjaya ok!

  2. Hahaha I think she should learn it from Adief lah. He sleeps bf 9.30 p.m n bgn nyusu pon 1, 2x or the most 3x. Tue pon x sampai 10 minutes. BUT! Ade but hahah. Adief x suke tido siang. Bgn pun awal. B4 8 dah bangun, kadang subuh!


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