Bad ants!! Bad!!

Yesterday, I was at war.

Alisha was restless the whole day. Everytime I placed her in her cot to sleep, about 10 – 15 minutes later, she’d wake up wailing her lungs out. I was baffled. My baby is definitely not a cryer. Heck, she barely cries even when her tummy is upset. Even my mother in law found it disturbing. We’d take turns picking her up to comfort her but everytime we put her in her cot, she’d wake and cry again.

While cuddling her at one point, my MIL took a look at Alisha and commented, “Pipi dia merah-merah nih, rash dia naik balik ka?”

I thought about as much. “Panas kot dekat babycot dia nih”, was my reply.

In an attempt to comfort the little precious, my MIL took her downstairs and was telling two of my aunts about Alisha’s grumpiness. One of them looked at Alisha’s red cheeks and said, “Ntah-ntah semut, baik pi tengok katil dia.”

So my MIL immediately went to my room, and we started shaking her pillows and toys. Then, my MIL picked up her comforter which was folded at the end of the bed and oh my god, ANTS!!! Semut merah yang halus-halus tuh banyak gila ok!! No wonder Alisha was crying, those little pesky no good tiny pests!!

Obviously we changed all the sheets and pretty much turned the cot inside out to clear it of the ants. Then I declared war and started to penyetkan aaaalll the ants on the walls and wiped their trail clean. Hmph. Puas hati. (Sila bayangkan minah keding dengan kain batik dan rambut sanggul beraksi memenyetkan semut “Rasakan! Mati kau! Eeee!! EEeee!! Geram!”)

I then washed my hands and put a thin layer of minyak gamat on Alisha’s ant bitten cheeks. Siaaaannnn baby Mommy!!

Apparently, babies tend to attract these tiny red ants because they smell milky. So a piece of advice to everyone with newborns and older babies, BEWARE OF RED ANTS!!


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