Tek Idun a.k.a tahi hidung

Yuuhuuu!! Doodlers!! Owh lama sunggoh rasanya tidak meng’update’ ini blog!

What have all of you been up to? ๐Ÿ™‚ As for me, well, I’ve been trying to get a hang of the whole “being mommy” business. There were times when I felt totally elated and happy and there were also times when I felt moody, snappy and depressed. Siapakah mangsa semua perasaan rojak ini? The husband, of course… heheh… but I’m glad he’s still the supportive soldier as he always had been. Much love baybeh!

Ahhh yes, with reference to the above title. Tek idun. You know how people say you’d be obsessed with your first child’s first everything? I used to just rubbish that aside but now that I have my own little bundle of joy, I must say that it’s just SO TRUE! From her very first sneeze to her first fart (LOL!), the husband and I seem to find everything she does ever so adorable.

Yesterday, we ogled over her very first booger. Yes ladies and gentlemen, we found our baby’s tek idun to be so interesting, hehehe…

See, her nose was clogged up with some major booger for about a week now. Over the past few days, the booger became more visible to the eye that the husband became super obsessed with it. Every time he picked up little Alisha, he’d want to try and pick the booger out which of course was objected by everyone. Many times he was told off to “STOP TOUCHING HER NOSE!!” much to his frustration. He’d even demonstrate to the bewildered baby on how to blow air out of the nose in hopes that Alisha would catch on and do the same thus blowing out her snot. No luck there.

So yesterday night, as everyone else was having dinner, Alisha was fast asleep next to me in the room. Suddenly she gave a few sneezes which prompted the booger to be dislodged a little. I carefully used my fingers to pinch the booger out and OMG I never knew that tiny nostril could hold such a load!! Hhahahahah!!

We struck GOLD!! Hhahahahhaha!!
The husband was of course super excited when he came and saw that the booger was out. He took it around the house to show everyone and then placed it onto some sticky tape and kept it in Alisha’s Baby Box.

The booger on the husband’s thumb
I think we have major “first time parents” jakon syndrome, hahahahahah!!

Now, our little one can breathe easy as her airway is not blocked anymore. No more sleeping with her mouth open, heeehheehe… *sigh* If she reads this one day, she’s SO gonna freak that her parents blogged about her first tek idun.

Oh well, you know we love you baby *grin*


  1. liyana;

    i found your blog while i was blog hopping around. and, while reading through i just discovered that it is you!!!

    glad to found someone i know write really good. i enjoy your every words and stories.

    keep it up!

    mcuh love,
    intan cempaka. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. m@ri@ : will definitely pray for you! ๐Ÿ™‚

    fashieeza : hehehehehe, serious best ๐Ÿ˜€ having a baby la, not just the “melombong bijih part”

    E'n1x : ahahahah!!! i know, right?? hahahahah!! in the baby box, we put all of Alisha's tiny “firsts”, like her hospital name tag, her umbillical cord stump (tali pusat tuu.. heheh), and of course, her first tek idun, hahahahahah!! but err.. we do keep them in clean plastic la.. then only put in box ๐Ÿ™‚

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