Yummy Raya Mamams

The previous post was so full of negativity kan? Kan? So sorry about that Doodlers, I needed to vent, and THANK YOU ALL for your kind words and support. Really made me feel loads better 😀 much love Doodlers! much love!!

So let’s put all that into one big bubble and let it float away *poof*

Anyhuuuuuuuu!!! Raya raya raya!! One of the many things I look forward to when it comes to raya is of course, the food!! Although this year I have to refrain from eating all the stuff I love (boohoo) so I figured I might as well blog about it. 😀

I’m not so much of the raya cookies fan, I can give them a pass, no problem but I love love loooove all the heavy stuff.

Below are my favourite Raya Yummy Specials that I can only get once a year during that special Hari Raya celebration.

Opah’s Ayam Masak Merah
My Opah makes THE MOST AWESOME ayam masak merah. It’s just so sedap you can sit with a bowl full of the chicken and just eat and eat and eat all the little chicken bits and lick the sauce clean. Match it with her ketupat pulut and also her super sedap kuah kacang and I’m in heaven. *drool*

Nenek’s Ayam Kalio and Daging Dendeng
This isn’t a local delicacy, it’s a Minang dish which my grandma makes that I simply have to have every single year! Seriously sedap ok! Whenever she cooks these two dishes, I’d be having rice morning day and night, no kidding. It’d be nasi himpit with kalio for breakfast, nasi putih with dendeng for lunch, nasi himpit with kalio again for tea and nasi putih with kalio and dendeng for dinner! LOL!

Rendang Tok
This is usually bought from Pasar Besar TTDI, hehehehe…so tatau la Tok siape kan, tapi serious sedap giler. Eat this with nasi himpit and kuah kacang..FUH! Bleh makan sampai pengsan!

Lemang and Dodol Mak Tok
Mak Tok is my best friend Dillot’s grandma. I was priviledged enough to get a taste of her lemang and dodol once and I swear her lemang and dodol is THE BEST IN THE WORLD!! Never had I tasted lemang that’s so soft and lemak and sedap and cukup segala masin manis and oh my god words fail me! Her dodol pulakkkk peeerrrggghhh!!! Giler sedap ok!!! It’s not the dodol yang keras-keras that you usually find tuh tau! Her dodol is the soft kind, all the gooey yummy goodness!! When I was pregnant, Dillot went back to her hometown and packed back a tupperware of Mak Tok’s superb dodol for me. I could never thank her enough, heeheheheeheh!

Ketupat Daun Palas
This is by far my favourite ketupat. ‘Nuff said 😀

Tapai Pulut Beserah
Back when my Atok was still staying in Beserah, Kuantan, we’d visit my Aunt’s in-laws who happen to stay just a few minutes away from my Atok’s house. Every year, they’d serve these tiny delicious bite-sized tapai wrapped in daun getah (i think) which tasted simply fabulous. Especially if the tapai is served chilled, straight out of the fridge, fuuhhhh, simply marvellous!

OK that’s it I am going to stop now. I’m drooling more than my baby, hahaahahahaah!!

What’s your favourite raya delicacy Doodlers?


  1. rendang tok.. “tak tau tok siapa”.. HAHAHAHAHHAHA!! funny funny funny (Niles's way of saying it). ahhaaha geli ah chor, drool more than dot. pergh! ahahhaaha. c u tomorrow 😀

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