First Raya with My Little Family

Today’s the 2nd day of raya πŸ™‚ My very first raya with my own little family.

On raya morning, I bathed little Alisha as her Daddy was out for raya prayers. Got the little one into the tub (also got myself peed on while on the way to the tub, hahahah) and for the 2nd time since I have given birth to her, gave my tiny daughter her morning bath (usually it’s done by someone else). Did it successfully without making her cry, got her dressed in her little raya dress given by her Aunty Lala.

I must say I gave myself a great pat on the back after completely fancying up Alisha for her very first raya. Fed her then put the drowsy baby into her cot to lull herself to sleep.

Then I quickly went to take my own shower. I planned to be ready before the husband comes home, so that he can be greeted by two of his pretty girls. Being in confinement, I must say I havent been looking the best. I mean, explain how you can look good with hair constantly pulled up tight and up high in a bun with kain batik and a t-shirt as your daily uniform. Not to forget the smell of herbs and spices that accompany your urut sessions. Owh yes, also being sticky, stinky and sweaty after your tungku session. *groan*

Unfortunately, the husband came home earlier than I expected, so what greeted him was a wet-haired wife and a sleeping baby. Not exactly what I planned, but oh well.

How do I feel celebrating raya as a new Mommy?

Simply marvellous *swoon*

I look at my husband and my baby and I feel a sense of pride and an overwhelming sense of love. They’re my very own little family.

Although, I must admit I miss my parents and sister TREMENDOUSLY. This raya was supposed to be spent with them since last raya was already spent with my in-laws. However, as I’m spending my confinement days at my in-laws, raya is automatically with the in-laws as well. *sigh* Oh well, there’s always next year, InsyaAllah.

Not much else on raya this year. It’s all baby love to me πŸ™‚ None on the food, as I’m trying to strictly watch what I eat, don’t want to cause the baby unnecessary diarrhea or tummy ache. None on the visits to friends’ and relatives’ either. Am not supposed to be out and about.

So here’s to my very first raya with my little family πŸ™‚ Thank you God, for making my life complete.


  1. rajee..tak mcm org dlm pantang pon! hehehe..dah back to ur usual figure..oh my it must be such a wonderful feeling to have a family of ur own kan..wish me luck yee..bagi i pape pregnancy tips kalo bole eh hehehe

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