Happy Birthday Yaya!!!!

Today is my sister’s 21st birthday!!!! Wheeeee!!!

Unfortunately, due to being in confinement, I am not able to go out and shop for a nice present to give her. Breaks my heart really. I wass planning on getting something really nice for you tau adik! Tapi tak berkesempatan la pulak. *sigh*

So please accept a NIECE as your 21st birthday present from your big sister ok? 😀

Love you lots and lots!!!

Next year we’ll have a great birthday bash!! I will finally get to celebrate raya with my family and also celebrate the birthdays of two special people in my life, my darling sister and my daughter *swoon*



  1. CHOORRRRR!!! THANK YOU!!!! takper takper. it's the thought that counts! PLUS, i don't know anyone else in this world who got a NIECE as a birthday present!!!!!!!!!! hehehehe ;D (tiru gaya dot senyum) hahhaahaha. 😛 yes!!! i can't wait for next year!!!!!!!!! lots of love from your darling sis, yaya!

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