36 weeks with Dot!

Oh my goodness gracious! It’s been almost a month since I last updated!! The previous post had been saved as draft for soooo long. So sorry to have seemed like I abandoned you Doodlers ๐Ÿ™ I was caught up with training at work, and in between that, squeezing in time for other work related stuff plus grabbing the precious gaps in between to find a little bit more of Dot’s essentials. So yes, it’s been rather hectic.

Anyway, I’m back now! ๐Ÿ˜€ Am supposed to be at work today but I woke up feeling so.. bluergh.. that I decided to rest at home instead. Hey, I’m pregnant. Don’t give me that look, heheh..

On Monday, the husband and I went to Dot’s usual check-up session with the doctor. After some initial chit chat and a little bit of question and answer, I routinely layed down on the examining table and let the doctor do her thing. This time though, she started off a little different. Instead of going straight for the scanning wand and her bottle of squeezy blue lubricating jelly, she pressed around my belly for a while (made me feel a little bit uncomfortable actually).

Then here comes the best part. Her eyes went wide and she happily exclaimed “WOOO your baby’s head is waaayyyy down! She’s already engaged into position!!”

I was like, and that meeaannns….?

“Which means, we can expect this little one in two weeks time! You might even have a Merdeka baby!”

I swear the husband’s eyes nearly popped out, LOL! He was like “TWO WEEKS?? TWO WEEKS??? You said 19th September!! That’s a month! Not two weeks!”

Memang la kitorang kena gelak ngan doctor tuh. She went to explain further that the Expected Due Date (EDD) is given based on 40 weeks of pregnancy. Only a certain percentage of women actually give birth at a full 40 weeks. Most women give birth earlier.

Then she proceeded to do the ultrasound scan *squeeze blue lube on belly, press press with scanning wand thingy* and showed us our little Dot.

“See? This is her head, the top of her head, and here is the opening where she will come out of. She’s right there!”

She added that when she was feeling my belly, she could only feel 1/5 of Dot’s tiny head, the rest of it has moved into position.

The rest of the session was a blur to me, I was in quite a daze. I mean, wow.. two weeks?

The doctor chatted with us a little more, informing us about the rooms and what to expect and then prepared a form for the labour room etc, to make process easier when I go to the labour room area later on. She then scheduled us for our next appointment on the 1st of September. During that appointment, she will assess me to see if I’m actually ready to bring little Dot into this big world! Even if I’m not yet ready for labour, she’s taking me off work so I’ll be given an mc everyday till the day I give birth.

My gosh it seems so unreal!! I’m freaking nervous yet super excited at the same time!!

As of tomorrow, I will be 36 weeks pregnant, hence officially enter my 9th month of pregnancy. The husband has already packed his hospital bag, and I’m almost done with mine.

Are we ready? I honestly have no idea. AM I READY? To go through labour and all that comes along with it? No, I don’t think I’ll ever be ready. I’m scared as heck but trying my best to convince myself that I’m as calm as I ever have been and that I’ll deal with it at best when the time comes. I’d like to think that so far, that approach is working fairly well for me. Plus, I have the husband with me, and he’s been the greatest *love*love*love*

Obviously my mind is now no longer concentrating on anything else other than Dot. I have a week left at work and believe it or not my manager is expecting a letter, an article, and a leaflet from me. Hahhahahhaa, I don’t know how on earth I’m going to get those done.

So that’s the story so far my dear Doodlers ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope that I get through this journey safely, and will soon be able to hold a happy and healthy Dot in my arms. Do say a little prayer for us!


  1. Being ur silent reader for quite sometimes.. Salam perkenalan…. Wish all the best.. Moga dpt bb yg sihat, cumel, sempurna dan cute.. Amin… Take care dear…

  2. wow..how time flies eh?

    Good Luck for ur new jorney.. Hope everything goes smoothly and well-painless (i hope!)

    Take good care of urself and little sharifah 'dot'. our prayers are with ur family..


  3. yayy! finally… how time flies! sikit jer lagi then dot will be in ur arms.. ohh i plak yg x sabar!! heeee… ;D

    good luck with the delivery ok! sakit mmg sakit but juz think positive & surely u'll get thru it! ohh i did post up some birth story of my baby… been there, done that! hihihi!

    u take care liyana.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    p.s. cool nye ur doc nak kasi MC everyday sampai u deliver… best2!! i x sempat cuti terus bersalin! so save cuti sket.. heee! ๐Ÿ˜›

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