My Baby Shower

Last weekend, my best friends along with my sister threw me a baby shower. I had such a blast and laughed so much I felt like I could pass out laughing, hahahahaha!!

First of all, the food was awesome. It was kind of a potluck event, so food came in abundance. There was roti jala (so much that you could swim in it, hhehehe, thanks Chick!), spaghetti, cakes, cupcakes, a variety of drinks and a bunch of tidbits.

Oh, there were also balloons!! Lots of them in pink and white!! So pretty πŸ˜€

Then as guests started arriving, we dug into the food while waiting for a larger crowd. After a while, pretty much everyone was there, so they started the games.

The first one was kind of like “How well do you know the mommy” quiz like thingy. The husband scored full marks, but was disqualified because he was.. well.. the husband. Hahahahha! Two of my best friends tied in for first place, with only one mistake each πŸ˜€

Then came the next game, which was “How big is the mommy’s belly”. The babester (a.k.a games organizer) wentaround with a roll of string. What people had to do was cut out the length of the string according to how big they think my belly was! Even the husband got this one wrong, regardless the countless “i hug your belly” sessions he’s done, LOL!

After that was a game for the ladies! Pin the dolly on the mommy’s belly!! Hahahahahha!! We had 5 volunteers, and each of them were blind folded, and they had to find their way to get to me (I was seated on a low chair in the middle of the area) and they have to stick the paper dolly on my belly. It was so funny and I had such a tough time stiffling my giggles!! You can bet that a lot of blind groping took place, hahaahah! Noelley won this round with fastest time.

At one point, a friend and I switched places just for fun! LOL!

Owhh!! aaannd then there was the “complete the nursery rhyme” game!! OMG this one was so absolutely hilarious!! I laughed till tears ran down my cheeks!! Put a bunch of 20-somethings who have nearly forgotten their childhood hey-days and have themfill in blanks of famous nursery rhymes, DEAR GOD the outcome would send you into fits of laughter!! I’ll share the bits on this in another post πŸ˜€

The boys insisting they’ve never heard of such nursery rhymes!
Last but not least, the boys’ marathon!! The guys were paired up and what they had to go through three challenges! First was to finish a bottle of baby food (you really should have seen their faces!), then they had to finish iced tea from a baby’s bottle. Initially, we planned to have them drink baby’s milk formula but then thought better of it. We didn’t want to risk anyone going home with upset tummies, hehehe.. after that, the final challenge was one of them had to pin on a nappy onto their partner. It was wild I tell ya!

Babester explaining rules of the game
The first and second checkpoints, lol!
The bundle of nappies
The boys taking their place
The cheerleaders in position
Game Manager and Mommy Dot getting into position
And they’re off!! Check out the faces as they took first bite of baby food, LOL!!
2nd challenge!! Chug down that bottle guys!!

Last challenge, put on them nappies!

I just can’t get over how funny the whole marathon was!! Hheheh… at the end of the day, everyone went home with tiny thank you gifts.

A million thanks to Dillot, Chick, Babester and Yaya for organizing the most awesome baby shower ever.

Big hugs to the husband as well πŸ™‚ thanks love, for everything…


  1. haha.. they're my old schoolmates, since primary school.. wahhh.. what a small world.. anyways, can't wait to welcome the little one!

  2. Lina : Yeah.. my friends are AMAZING.. i love them to bits

    D*D : hugs!

    two_one : kan? kan? πŸ˜€

    Lizzie : yeaahh! u know? πŸ˜€

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