Nyam Nyam :D

Some people have all sorts of weird cravings when they’re pregnant. Me, I’ve been having all sorts of cravings but they all involve food that people around me make. Nothing too weird like gulai ikan buntal or anything like that 😀

Apart from my my initial wave of cravings, among the many stuff that I’ve drooled over were :-
Ina’s (the maid) nasi goreng
My mom’s macaroni (her gravy is da best!)
Mom’s mashed potatoes with daging kicap (my all time favourite)
Mom in law’s lasagna (err.. But she calls it lahore, it’s almost similar to lasagne, but not exactly)

I’ve been lucky enough that everyone happily entertains my food cravings and I get to tuck in to all the delicious food.

Early last month, I woke up one morning and all I could think about was my sister-in-law’s meringue pie (at least, that’s what I call it, she calls it something else). I could see it right in front of my eyes, in all it’s yummy splendour, topped with cream and delicious variety of fruits. Hhahahahahah!! Psycho kan? Of course I just had to mention it to my sister-in-law, at the airport, on the way to Langkawi, which evoked a “HA??” from her, hahahahahahha!!

Last week, my sister-in-law did the sweetest thing ever. She actually rushed home to my in-law’s house during lunchtime, to make me her meringue pie, and then went back to office and continued with the cream topping after dinner! Was I ever so happy!! Hahahahaha!! She said that if she didn’t make me the pie, and my baby came out all drooly (sebab tak dapat makan pie yang mak dia ngidam, lol) she’ll never be able to forgive herself! Hahahahah! I ate so much pie that I think Dot had quite a sugar rush that night. *giggle*

Thank you kakak!!! You’re the best!!!!

Then today, my mouth suddenly watered at the thought of one of my bestfriend’s apple raisin muffins. Seriously, they’re the best in the whole world! Believe it or not, the first and the last time I tasted her muffins was probably around 3 years ago. I don’t know why or how but right now, those muffins are all I can think about. Thank God she says she’ll bake me a batch!!! Hhahahahaha, I LOVE YOU CHICK!! Thank you!!

So yes, pregnancy has evoked the monster in me, in getting everyone else to cook or bake me something. I’m so thankful that people are willing to entertain my requests!! LOL!! I love you everyone


  1. u know what chor, masa i baca the “Lahore” tuh kan.. i ketawa gila. ahhahahhahahahha! :p i think i might have pronounce it wrongly.

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