Of gifts and such…

Quite a number of friends and relatives have started asking me what I would like them to get me as Dot’s baby gift. Honestly, I am a bit unsure how to approach that question 😀 I mean, what if I ask for something that is way beyond what is budgeted for? I highly appreciate the kind gestures and offers by everyone but I sure don’t want to seem demanding or burdening anybody unnecessarily.

So here’s what I will do. I will come up with the baby gift request “registry” style. Well, kind of. I’m going to list down items which I plan to purchase (or have already purchased), and if any of my friends would like to contribute to the amount of the gift or sponsor it altogether, all they have to do is email or message me, and pass on the cash! Ehehehhe, we’ll do all the purchasing necessary so as to save everyone’s time and hassle in going out to buy the baby stuff.

Should be a lot better than dictating to people “can you get me this and that”. People get to choose whatever is within their means. I’m happy, Daddy Dot’s happy, Dot will definitely be happy and of course, most importantly, the generous friends and family I have will be happy too 😀

Ok, so next project, DOT’S LIST!


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