Wash Cut Blow!

ALooohhaaa everybody!!

Today, I finally managed to get myself a haircut! I needed a trim quite badly, my hair was starting to look extremely unkempt, you’d think I was George of the Jungle’s cousin.

As usual, went to Peek-a-boo and had my trusty stylist Lily do her magic and of course, among many other things I look forward to during my salon visits, the assistant a.k.a shampoo boy’s absolutely-heaven-sent shampoo massage. Seriously, that boy can work wonders when he’s giving you a head massage while shampoo is all over your head.

The husband was waiting patiently at the seat next to me, and as my favourite shampoo boy was working up a lather, the husband was watching. I think he must have been staring because the shampoo boy whispered to me “Eh, you punya hasben aa..asyik tengok sini saja”

To which I replied,”Ya la, saya cakap sama dia maa, you urut kepala sangat best punya”

Which got him grinning while giving a standard answer,”Saya shampoo maa, mesti kasi best massage juga laa”

Hhahahahah… best best!

Finally!! Neater and less frizz!!


  1. missy f : aww, tenkiu tenkiu! hhehehe

    yaya : yeaahh, i baru cakap kat lily tadi, my adik rambut so panjang, when she come back sure come to see you, hehhheehhee

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