Happy Birthday to Me :D

Yeaaaayyy!!! Today’s my birthday!!!!

I turn 26 years young today, heeeheheheheh, and what a great start to a birthday it was!

I retired to bed quite early yesterday, after running some chores and errands. Little did I know that the husband was darting here and there trying to hide my birthday present! LOL! At midnight, he woke me up with a grin and a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY and gave me a hug, kiss and a huge pink box! I was so excited! Hahahhahaha!!! Wooowwww!! I’M OLD!!! I STILL GET PRESENTS!! YAAAAAAYYY!!


I opened the box and the box was filled with shredded paper and tiny wrapped squares. I opened them all and much to my giddy joy and amusement, the husband bought me a whole collection of Micheal Jackson original albums!!! Happy giler wokeh!! Err, yes, to those of you who do not know, I am a huge Micheal Jackson fan ever since I was a kid *grin* The husband actually remembered that some time ago, I casually mentioned that some day, I’d like to get myself all of MJ’s cds for my personal collection. Couldn’t believe that he actually remembered! He even had to go to about 10 music shops to find them all! hahahah… Thank you love! You’re the best!!

Then, super early the next morning, I was awakened by our family’s traditional choral birthday sing-a-long including my sister all the way in Lancaster singing on the laptop screen via skype! Heeehehehehhe!!

Below are several more stuff that I received today πŸ˜€ Made me such a happy 26 year old!!

Jewellery from my parents and the two kitties
An uber-cute card from my sister
A funny statement tee from Dillot, which she gave me last month sebab takut tak muat nanti,hehehe..

A birthday card from the CEO although I can hardly make out his writing

A stabilo pen set from my colleague, best giler! hahhhahaha
A huge beautiful bouquet of flowers from Dillot which arrived at the office for me πŸ™‚

Thanks so much for the presents and birthday wishes everyone!!


  1. Happy belated..belated bday raje..hehe..anyway the t-shirt sangat menarik!

    p/s: aku add ur link at my blog..:D eh..ko tau ke blog aku? hehe..@http://blog.beba-anas.com datang la melawat..:p

  2. Happy birthday, sexy momma-to-be! Woo hoo! You’ve got some lovely prezzies, look like. But the bigggest yet to come is from the Big Guy Up There which is on its way – Dot! πŸ˜€

  3. Happy Birthday! Oh my goodness. I just realised (from your husband’s name) that we studied in the same school. We were prefects together at SMKDJ. He was my senior (by a year I think). The world indeed is a small place πŸ™‚

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