With the gatal-gatal still around, I am now at resting at home with a bad case of sniffles, sore throat and fever.

Went to an office panel clinic, and regardless of me informing the doctor that I’m pregnant, I was still given a stash load of antibiotics, antihistamine, lozenges etc.
I decided to ditch all the drugs and go for a home remedy instead : Hot Honey Lemon.

Works wonders I tell ya!

So armed with a medical cert to allow me a day of rest at home, I am now snuggled in bed with a mug of hot honey lemon drink, and trying to get that much needed nap.

Come now Dot, let’s snooze for a while….


  1. Here in the US, most pregnant moms will get a Yes for Regular Strength Tylenol (acetaminophen) 325 mg, I’m not sure if they sell this brand in Malaysia. So this usually will help reduce your fever, headache,cough, etc. For any other special antibiotics, it has to be prescribed by the dr. and last time I did take an antibiotic (amoxicillin) when not surely knowing either or not I was pregnant. It turned out I wasn’t yet but my FP said it’s safe for pregnant women. Anyway, I guess different country, different dr will give/tell you something different kan.

    It sucks to be sick especially when you’re pregnant. I was sick for 2 weeks and toughened it out without taking any drugs. Believe me, it was hard to resist but doable. Hope you feel better soon!!

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