One for the record!

I woke up a total of 5 times from sleep yesterday night. Why? Because I was itching like a madman. So I had to wake up, apply some Calamine lotion before I scratch myself into a bleeding nightmare.

Sometimes I even forget all about Dot. The itch is all I can think about.

This. Is. Torture.


  1. mommy 3+1 : at least that’s waking up with a noble purpose! hahahahha!adie : noted! lol!!munira : thank you thank you thank you *hugs* thank you thank you

  2. kalo aku dulu…bangun 5 times tue utk uwek uwek…hahahhah. sabar raje… challenge yg betul2nye bile dah ade anak nanti…. lagiiii lame nak jage dia. mase baby pulak lagiiii byk kali nak kene bangun. hahhahah.-ADIE-

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