Suri & Shiloh : Hollywood’s most adorable BFFs!

Move over Paris Hilton and whomever your BFF now is! Tinseltown’s got a new pair of BFFs that already has the world melting over their uber-cuteness!

I bet the day Suri and Shiloh got together for their first playdate, all the Hollywood tabloids and gossip columns fell over with pleasure overload, lol!

Aren’t they just so adorable???

“Katie loves entertaining and spoke to Angelina about having an at-home tea party with cupcakes for the girls,” a friend of Katie’s tells OK!. “It’s something she has wanted to do for ages,” adds another source close to the actress. “Because of security reasons, Katie can’t have just any child over to her home. But with celebrity tots like Shiloh and Zahara, there’s no problem.”

“Since the film, their careers and social circles have become so different, they rarely see each other,” explains the source. But the two men acted like old friends that night. “Both talked at length about their children,” adds the source, “and they agreed to get their little girls together.”

There may be another reason for the playdate too. Katie desperately wants to introduce Suri to other children her age. While the toddler has adopted siblings Connor, 14, and Isabella, 16, to play with, the teens are much older. “Suri’s a very shy young lady,” a Cruise insider tells OK!. “Even when Tom or Katie have taken her to a park or beach and tried to introduce her to other kids for a little playtime, it hasn’t worked. She’s very clingy.”

“Katie told Angelina she just knew Suri and Shiloh are going to get along fantastically well,” says the insider, “and Suri is already getting into the idea.”

Let’s see if I can get my hands on this copy of OK!


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