Just as everything started to seem normal, I am hit by yet another pregnancy surprise, RASH!!!!
It’s not just your gatal-gatal-biasa-takde-hal-sapu-mopiko-boleh-hilang type of rash, but it’s gotten so itchy that I’m going almost insane trying not to turn myself into a scratching pole.

It feels as if a swarm of mosquitoes decided to feast on my thighs and the sides of my belly, and looks as if I was attacked by a hive of small bees. I can ignore the way they look, I couldn’t really be bothered because all I can think of is GAAATAAAAAAAAAALLLL!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!

I tried slathering Palmer’s Cocoa Butter, it helps for about 30 minutes, and then it’s back to itch-mania. I tried olive oil, it also helps for just awhile. Calamine lotion lasts longer, for about four hours or so, which means I have to re-apply the pinkish-kapur-kasut like substance all over myself at work as well, and risk it smearing my baju kerja pulak. HUWARGH!!!

GATAAAAAAAAAAALLLL!!!!!!! Tak tahan ok!!! I asked my doctor and she said it’s due to hormone changes. Pfft. Hormones are so over-rated. They’re the cause of everything. She was the one who suggested Calamine lotion to help “soothe the itch”. I don’t want to soothe the itch! I want it to go awaaaayyy!!!

I read up more on the internet (don’t we just love Google) and apparently, I am most likely experiencing PUPPPs.

Explanation : Pruritic Uticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy, also known as PUPPP, is a benign, severely itchy and painful skin rash, that occurs in one out of 240 pregnancies and leaves the expectant mother in despair for relief. PUPPP, as some women describe the rash, in a comparison to a feeling of poison oak and chicken pox, generally begins around the abdomen or thighs and can spread over the entire body except for the face, neck and hands. It has the appearance of bumpy, itchy papules that eventually spread to take on the appearance of reddened, scalded skin with welts. It generally feels worse at night and often causes sleep loss due to the intense itch.

Unfortunately, much to my horror and dismay, this will get worse in the third trimester, and will only go away after baby is born. BAH-HUMBUG!! Also, it seems that this rash has hit me rather early, as people usually experience it way later in their pregnancy. But I guess it could be due to my small size, hence my skin stretching and being dry and all. Whatever lah.


Somebody!! Anybody!! HEEEEEEEELLLPPPP!!!!


  1. mommy 3+1 : i dont think it’s the cocoa butter, coz I’m still itching even when I don’t use it.ein : will take note!! garam+water and ice packs, will get me some, pronto! thank you!lmk : yeah, most people tell me it’ll go away after childbirth, which means i’m looking at 5 months of being Calamine Lotion queen.nad : huwaaa… gataaaaaallllkb : kekadang garu tanpa disedari… sigh.. calamine lotion it is

  2. Same here!! kene macam ni jugak and the Dr prescribed calamine lotion. It worked to soothe the gatal2 (i used calamine only) and by the end of 2nd tri, it went away. Jgn garu2 sgt nnt ade scar if u hv a sensitive skin.

  3. i pun kene gak gatal2 tu harituh, then it actually got cured by the end of second trimester..maybe by chance, maybe by the cream yg klinik kesihatan bagi..i dunno. Takpe raje, just pray so that ur rash will not last as long k 😉

  4. yes,trust u me, it gets worse nanti. to the point of tak boleh tido langsung like me!! my doc gave me a bottle of air garam. u just campur garam in water, then lap2 kat tpt gatal. also, i used ice pack. pop into freezer, then everytime gatal, letak on my tummy. soothingg..now dah tak gatal 🙂

  5. raja, i dulu used the palmer cocoa butter for strecth mark..blakang citer tat cream yg caused rashes…merah2 kt my tummy. after like 30mins sapu start naik merah2so u used nivea avacado oil instead to prevent stretcg mark

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