Dot at 16 weeks!

Hellow Doodlers!

Pregnant-mommy woes aside, here’s some fun updates on Dot!

Last Saturday, which coincided with my one year wedding anniversary, was Dot’s four month check-up appointment! It was so exciting! We just couldn’t wait to see Dot again!

So when it was our turn, we happily popped into the doctors office and after the initial chit-chat (and my “kenapa naik gatal-gatal ni sume doctor?!?” questions), it was time to see Dot on the ultrasound screen.

There was Dot, peacefully resting (or sleeping?). Dot wasn’t all active and hyper like during last month’s scan, but this time around resting quietly, twitching only slightly every now and then. Even when the doctor tried prodding to wake Dot up, Dot just sucked his/her thumb and turned the other way to continue sleeping, hahahahha!!

We thought we could see another 4D vision of Dot, but unfortunately, my placenta position is on the front of my tummy, hence blocking the camera’s view so no chance of having a 4D scan viewing. Also that meant that we were not able to see if Dot is a girl or a boy! We could only hope that next month, Dot is a little bit more cooperative and turns sideways for Mommy and Daddy to have a peek, hihihi..

My baby’s quite the shy little one I must say, when the doctor thought she could catch a glimpse of Dot’s nether region, Dot kepit kaki dia! So tak nampak jugak! Hahahahhaha!! The doctor gave a prediction anyway, but I’ll let you Doodlers know after we could actually see lah, ok?

So here’s one of the few pictures that the husband managed to capture during Dot’s scan. You can see the side view of Dot’s face and thumb-sucking action!


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