I’m baaaaacckkk!!!

me, at work, feeling great

Hellooww Doodle bugs!!!

I’m BAAAACCCKKKK!!!! Yesssiirreee, I’ve pretty much gotten back my happy bubbles and oh am I ever grateful that morning sickness is GONE!! You heard me!! POOF!!

Well, ok lah, almost gone. To say that it’s completely 100% disappeared would be a bit of an exaggeration but I definitely feel much better these past few days (starting from my splendid Sunday). I’m still occasionally puking or gagging, mostly triggered by the maid’s fish-frying sessions in the kitchen, and I get headaches sometimes but none of the heavy head migraines that I used to get. So yippee!! Fatigue still comes visiting in the evenings, but I guess that’s pretty much expected so it’s ok, can be overcome by getting a good night’s sleep.

This month has been the husband’s jalan-jalan-untuk-kerja month, so I hardly get to see him. I probably see his face about plus minus 7 days this month, apart from that; he’s off traveling for work, going for meetings, attending conferences, etc. This sometimes sends my sensitive hormones into hyper-mode, kicking my emotional outburst into overdrive. So in order to soothe these uncalled for heartaches, I shop.

OOHhhh seronoknye bershopping, I missed shopping so much! Hhahahaha!! *Husband I can imagine you hyperventilating while reading this* Tapi shopping with a mission ok? I am out to find stuff that can accommodate my growing belly and yet still make me look good. Bagus kan? Memang bagus. Terima kaseh, terima kaseh. *giggle*

One thing that I really need right now is something to wear to formal functions, namely weddings. I have quite a few weddings lined up in my diary and I have nothing to wear. I can’t fit into my kebayas anymore, the kain can either only be zipped halfway up threatening to fall off any moment or is so tight they can burst at the seams any moment. Not only that, since I was blessed with such a flat tummy previously, my tiny little pooch of a belly (oh, and the chest area is filling out as well) is enough to send the kebaya buttons popping. Obscene I tell you. Rest assured that I no longer look forward to squeezing myself into a kebaya.

So after looking at my fashionista friends’ collection of attractive stuff that they parade around when they’re out and about, I have decided to get myself a few of those uber-stylish and soft kaftans that you can wear out to formal functions (no, not the baju kelawar bawak tido and masuk dapur types). Why? Because it can fit my perut no matter how big it gets and I can still wear it even after I give birth! A good friend of mine directed me to Innai Batik, a boutique that sells these elegant and classy kaftans, but they of course come with a hefty price tag. So I’m still browsing around to see if I can get similar designs for a lot less. Any of you Doodlers know where else can I find these oh-so-chantek kaftans?

Hmm…what else what else… owh! Last time I went for my checkup, my weight was still the same. No more, no less, so I probably loss a bit of weight and that went to the baby. My face however, does look a lot fuller, I have chubby cheeks much to the husband’s amusement, hehehe… but I’m not complaining, I feel great! 😀 Now if this is the part of pregnancy that people keep raving about, then I totally agree. Being pregnant is absolutely lovely! 😀


  1. told ya it’s gonna POOF when you reach 14 weeks!!!now pray for me, ok darl? I’m still puking 🙁 I’ve been on so many MCs, my HR dept is gonna be a tad too friendly with me soon!!2 more weeks!!

  2. i think my belly is mainly fat la kan.. being 6 weeks *LOL* but still.. a belly is a belly still(in denial).. so i agree on the mom’s baju kurung part.. i could only wear hers to weddings now *grin* but i dunno for how long la.. *LOL*

  3. when i first entered innai boutique mmg mata i tebeliak tgk the price tag!anyway, i solved the kurung problem for attending wedding by using up my mom’s kurung =)giv it a try..mane tau u muat ur mom’s kurung too (maybe up to 2nd trimester je lah)

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