Sunday Splendour

Happy Happy Sunday 😀

After having a miserable Saturday, I decided that enough’s enough. I deserve to have a little break. So I woke up on Sunday morning with full intention to have a great day. While having breakfast at home, I suddenly felt really giddy with some slight nausea but no way was going to let that overcome me and spoil my plans for a great day.

I took a shower and throughout it I was happily going on and on, membebel-bebel to Dot about how I’ve had enough of the whole morning sickness episodes, I need a little break, be a good Dot and give it a rest for the day etc etc. It must’ve been hilarious if you were eaves dropping outside my bathroom door. *sian Dot, belum keluar lagi dah kena bebel, hahahha…*

I felt a little bit better after my warm shower, then I put on my multicoloured happy-skirt (only because I can’t fit into any of my jeans anymore) and off I went to my hairdresser’s at Peek-a-boo. I had just a simple wash and a trim but it sure made me feel FABULOUS!! I’m telling you my hairdresser’s shampoo boy is absolutely marvelous. He gives this awesome head massages then proceeds with neck and shoulder massage and it was just amazing. Sesungguhnya terasa macam nak pergi basuh rambut di situ tiap-tiap minggu!

After that, I went to grab a take-away from Secret Recipe and waited at home for the Babester to come and pick me up. Yessiirrreee, I was on a roll!! We went to The Curve and spent an entire afternoon there browsing for some maternity pants for me, going gaga over adorable baby clothes (at which one point the Babester went “will you find out the gender already!!!”), getting weird looks from salesgirls when we over-explored the prams on display, tried on clothes here and there, bought household stuff for Babester’s new pad, and bought ourselves a dress each!!

Note : to those of you who are planning on buying maxi dresses, I would highly suggest buying it from our local online boutiques. The bazaars are selling pretty much the same stuff but at about RM20-30 higher.

I thought I was the only one who had been deprived from shopping but while we were browsing at one of the shops, Babester turned to me and said “I haven’t been out shopping for ages!! I so needed this!!” Needless to say, we had a splendid time out!! Oh, I feel a million times better!! Thanks Babes for taking me out yesterday!

We got home around five something, and later that night, I joined my in-laws for dinner. All was well up until the maid started frying ikan masin, which obviously triggered my nausea that I have managed to keep at bay the whole day. Therefore, had my usual puke-fest session due to the smell of fish being fried.

Other than that, I had a splendid Sunday!


  1. Soraya : yeaapp!! I miss going around to the bazaars with you!!! Especially the Mont Kiara one. Takpe, you balik nanti we’ll do all that and more k!

  2. ooOooOhhhhh sounds like u had a pretty splendid Sunday!!!!!! good for u chor!! 😀rindu ok jln2 kat bazaar the Curve tuh.. heih.. puke-fest?? perghh

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