Raving the cravings

Is it too early to get cravings? I don’t know but I have been having cravings that’s for sure.

Like the other day, I was sitting reading a storybook, and my mind floated to my mother-in-law’s lontong that we had during raya. Of course she was more than happy to make it for me the very next day. You rock lah Umi.

Then the past whole week, kecoh la pulak nak makan jagung rebus. At first the husband got me a corn-in-cup, obviously, it wasn’t the same. The during the weekend, he drove all the way from Tesco to SS14 to Kelana Jaya, cari jagung rebus untuk isteri terchenta but to no avail. Then, a miracle happened. Mommy 3+1 was out shopping for groceries with her husband when they heard about my craving. They bought some corn, steamed it, buttered it, and got my husband to pick it up!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! YOU MADE ME SO HAPPY!!! I was absolutely ecstatic!! Never had I been so happy to see corn! LOL!

The next day, the husband went to my favourite jagung stall (they were sold out previously) and bought my all time favourite jagung madu. He bought two steamed ones, and eight fresh ones to stock up, in case of future cravings, LOL (macam perli je kan, hahahaha).

Apart from that, nothing interesting has been happening much. I don’t seem to have much appetite to eat, which is so unlike me. I get major headaches in the evenings (used to be mornings) and I have to pee like every half an hour (annnooooyyyiinnggg!!) even malam pun! So as you can imagine, sleepless nights all around.

And yes, fish is still a big no-no. My father-in-law bought some special ikan yesterday (ikan amenda ntah, I can’t recall). I was upstairs and I could already smell the fish from far. It triggered my headache almost immediately. The husband brought some up for me to try, but of course, masuk mulut pun takleh. Dang. Takpelah, takde rezeki Dot.

Funnily enough, even chocolate gives me major headaches nowadays.

Hmm… what else, oh yeah, my skin’s super super dry. I’m afraid I might end up looking like a dried apricot if I’m not careful. So my favourite Johnson’s baby bedtime lotion is like my new sidekick now (and of course, the all time trusty vaseline). Anyone knows of a better moisturizer I can opt for?

I’m still on bedrest this whole week, so nothing to do but chill and golek-golek atas katil sambil tengok more FRIENDS and read more storybooks. I’ve been viewing the video of Dot’s heartbeat (the husband recorded it during the recent ultrasound session) and feeling so happy. Sent it to my sister as well 🙂 Gosh I miss her.

So anyway, here’s hoping for a smooth week with no unwanted surprises. Good luck to me! 😀

Note : A hearty congratulations to The Niks on welcoming their bouncy bundle of joy yesterday morning!!


  1. Dear Anon, i doubt it is the plain water as i can vouch that the Bride is closer to her water bottles than Pitong is with his wheel. It’s something to do with Dot. Even Dot don’t pout about tot. (Just ignore the last sentence. I wanted it to rhyme, but then it made no sense…!)

  2. Dear it is not the moisturiser, u have to drink more water.. plain water..skyjuice whatever u wanna call it. Anyways your body is dehydrated and need water..

  3. hey.. my favourite body moisturiser is the body shop strawberry body butter.. not just it smells good, it makes ur skin moist as well.. go give it a try girl.. ur skin should be as good as new.. haha..

  4. liyana,once you’re feeling better, try soothing classical music for your baby. it’s proven (don’t ask me where I read this) to stimulate your baby’s senses…i can only eat watermelon tau masa my first trimester for my first born.haha.hubby cakap, nasib baik crave tembikai.if crave cerries?bengkok!I LOVEEEEEEE JAGUNG!hehehe..

  5. glad we managed to help u with ur cravings.when Adam called us asking whereabout to cari we couldn’t figure out any pasar malam on saturday. so syauQi came out with the idea to drop by jusco to check out if there have any raw ones.syauQi pun dulu mcm tu…he will buy extra of whatever i was craving for and stock it up in the fridge.pssttt..wait tillu reach ur third trimester, ‘ll be going to the toilet every minute! =)

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