The story so far…

Last Friday, I had a bit of a panic attack. I had some stains of blood which was not supposed to be there since I’m pregnant and all, so I rushed myself to the clinic. After doing some checking and an ultrasound, the doctor found that everything looked ok and that the baby was 75% safe. Still, I was put to bedrest and taken off work for an entire week. (ironically, I was just on the phone with Mommy 3plusOne the day before and she was telling me to take care extra care, and talked about spotting etc).

At that check up, was the first time I SAW AND HEARD Dot’s heartbeat. I think Dot’s little heart had just learned how to pump away and there it was on the screen, a tiny flicker that had me in awe.

I went home, but felt rather depressed that day. I was thinking the worst and was wondering if everything was going to be alright. Ended up crying the whole night much to my own dismay (well it was probably hormones, I don’t know). Everyone’s been so supportive though (except the one person whom I thought would be most caring about me having my first child). So with the encouragement from my dear husband, sister, soulmates and in-laws, I picked myself up and cheered myself on. I watched seasons of FRIENDS accompanied by yummy ice-cream the Babester sent over and drowned myself in hilarious chic-lit books Dillot lent me (Dillot even sent flowers and a get well soon balloon, sweet giler).

Everything was going fine and I was looking forward to my next checkup on Saturday. Unfortunately, my body decided that it could not wait till Saturday, so it gave another leak and put me into another worry session. I went to the clinic again yesterday, and the doctor wasn’t quite sure what was causing the bloody mystery. Probably my body not used to having another being inside me so its trying to fix itself up. So, doctor has given me another whole week off work and I’m starting to feel restless. I can’t do much but lie around doing nothing and even going up and down the stairs is not advisable. I guess that’s what she means by bed rest.

Alhamdulillah, Dot is still ok. Doing rather well actually and has now grown to almost 1cm, yaaayyy!!! Hahahha, I think I’m the only one with an almost week by week picture of my little Dot. I saw Dot’s heartbeat again yesterday, it’s beating faster than last week and Dot’s actually tripled in size. It..was…amazing!!! It’s like.. wow… I have this tiny heart beating inside me… I’m carrying precious cargo.. hehehe..

Dot at 6 weeks
Dot at 7 weeks.
Husband : Can we call it Splat now?
Me : No

Unfortunately, the husband missed both viewings of the Dot’s heart but it’s ok love, we’ll make sure you’re around the next time we go for a check up πŸ˜€

So now here I am, stuck at home, in bed for another week, doing nothing. I was thinking about work and got quite worried because there are some urgent stuff to be taken care of. Thank God I have reliable team mates so I’ve been on the phone and online with them, letting them know on the details to help out with the hanging urgent matters.

Am going to go rest awhile now (doctor’s orders, rest as much as possible). Hopefully everything will be fine in the end. Do say a little prayer for me and Dot πŸ™‚


  1. Hahaha thanks! You must be wondering how come I don’t know all these even though I have two children! I didn’t experience any of these with the past 2 preggies so yea, a bit cuak now :pGuess our EDD wouldn’t be too far off yah!

  2. muhazu : congratulations you!! wow!! baby #3 you must be ecstatic!! on the topic of spotting, some people told me that it might just be implantation bleeding, and the cramping is due to your little one burrowing further into the lining of your uterus (ok might be too much info for some people). some say it’s ok to ignore it, but I’m more of the cautious type. I’d call the clinic to find out what’s the best thing to do. Better safe than sorry, that’s my motto πŸ˜€

  3. Hello again you!!Guess what? I found out this morning that I'm 5 weeks along with #3! Wheeeee!!And, I think I may be having spotting..but it's more to a mucus-like brownish & pinkish discharge..a bit of cramp like feeling too..I'm kinda worried..tapi I've spent a bomb on doctors this month on myself, the 2 kids, and UPTs. Did you doc advise anything? I'm freaking out!

  4. Lina : thanks for the advice!! talking to Dot as constantly as possible, hahahahRSA : noted, rest rest rest! πŸ˜€Mrs-Bride : Thanks hun!Azleen : Thank you πŸ™‚ Am resting as much as possible, and taking it easy. Hoping I get better soon too, kan Dot? heheheheAimi : So sorry I had to miss your wedding!!! I’m so devastated!! Anyway, my heartiest congratulations to the both of you!! *hugs* and thank you for the advice!lmk : tq! D*d : heheh.. will send your kisses to DotKb : Thanks πŸ™‚ will def chill out and try my best to be positive!Nad : thanks nad, and yeaaahhh… hearing the little one’s heartbeat is really something else πŸ˜€ you can feel baby move already?? HOW COOL IS THAT!!

  5. Raje, if the doctor dah scan and shows that things are ok then u shdlnt worry k? (i know, easier said than done :P) pray hard, insyallah everything will be ok.bestnye dah dapat dengar heartbeat die πŸ˜€rase best kan kan? hehe..i can now feel the baby moving speshly lepas minum high on caffeine maybe? πŸ˜› hehe take care not to drink coffee too much, but take a lot of water πŸ˜‰ u’ll do fine..

  6. Hello..don’t worry too much tau. Am sure u hv a strong will Dot. I was ordered by the Dr for a bed rest due the mysterious bleeding/spotting (asked Adam..i was MIA for 2 months- a week after i got transferred fr POJ to KL). Am at my 30th week now and am sure, u will be fine too. Get a lot of bed rest, eat all u can and most importantly, jgn stress + be positive ok:)

  7. Heya babes,Good to see that your back on the internet! I missed your entries! Hehe…And no worries la, I will always be there for you… ko nak ais kerim lagi tak?*kisses to the dot*

  8. hi raje!! aimi n nazmi here.. hihihi.. we are soo sorry to hear bout the spotting.. we were looking for you at our wedding but after finding out the reason for your non attendance, we understand!we hope u get better soon ok.. take plenty of rest (just like what the doctor prescribed!) one more thing, we read another of your post entitled ‘Week 5 with Dot’.. we understand that u ate mandarin oranges the week b4.. like 6 of those in a day!!! aiyo girl… dun eat those kind of fruits la during ur pregnancy.. it’s as close as eating sumthng like pineapple.. bak kata orang, buah tu tajam.. so, we’re not soo sure but that may be the cause of the bleeding. so, take good care of ur diet ok.. .some supplement should be ok.. jgn melantak je suma benda. heahae.. we’re advising u as if we’re pregnant!! ;p hahhea.. not yet babe! but do hope u and dot will be ok.. *hugs*

  9. *hugs* Rest well tau Raje. I am sure your lil’ dot is one strong baby. So you need to be strong for ‘it’!!. Cepat2 sihat nanti kite bole share tips and update lagi =)my prayers will always be with u and ur lil dot..P/s: I am getting used to call your baby as ‘dot’. Takut lekat lame2 pulak. Nanti carik name lain for die k. Splat is a big No-No =p

  10. my pleasure.. so take care okeh!! no panic2.. no stress.. senyum sokmo!!! hihihi.. thx Lina, i still remember ur words/comments to me tu! i too, thought the same.. maybe sbb activity toottt yg buat the spotting.. hahaha! my mom siap pesan2 jgn toott time nih.. hihi! anyhow, mrs twiggy.. jgn risau byk ok! juz resttttt.. mwahs! πŸ˜€

  11. yes, agree with Lina,stop dulu *tut* coz takut byk movement..hehe..anyway, i had worst spottings and it was blood red, doctor couldn’t find out what was wrong with me but it was mostly stress, byk keje and byk buat keje rumah..its the body telling u to relax…and remember ada baby dlm tummy.sometimes we forget..take care!!!

  12. hey twiggy,don’t worry too much.. it’s just ur body telling u to take it easy and rest.. take the time to relax and talk (yes, i mean really talk) to your baby.. u’ll feel the love and more attached to it! and it’ll definitely help the baby grow, grow, grow.. anyway, i’ve said the same thing to anita, but i will say the same to u too.. time awal2 preggie ni, *tut* activity tu have to stop for a while ok.. at least till the baby is strong enough.. =p take care ya!!

  13. azri : thanks πŸ™‚ and yes, that’s why i couldn’t go to aimi’s wedding, i was so devastated. and now, i’m still on bedrest, so i can’t go to nazmi’s either!!! *sigh* kirim salam kat diorang ok, tell them i wish them my heartiest congratulations.quiyah : thaks dear, unfortunately, getting myself to eat now is also a problem. i don’t have any appetite to eat! Mrs Bride : Anitaaaaaa!!!! Oh you have no idea how happy I am to get this little note from you. I read your post and felt tonnes better!! You’ve been through what I’m going through right now!! Praying that things will turn out ok for me and Dot like how it turned out well for you and Baby Jr. *hugs*

  14. babeeee!!!don’t think abt it sgt! ingat tak, i had a similar spotting too in Week 7, i think!check out this previous post of mine.. n check out item.7!! but my spotting, mcm light brownish blood. veryyy light. kene pun cam 2 days gitu jer. the doctor even gave me ubat-tahan-bleeding. after 2 days, terus xde spotting dah. even lepas mkn ubat tu, it became lighter and lighter. don’t worry dear. if it’s brownish, then it’s okay. normal tu. u MAY get panic kalo it’s striking red blood… but for the time being, don’t panic!! u takleh stress2 tau..anyhow, jgn risau sgt ok.. juz rest jer.. jgn wat keje berat2.. take care okeh… *hugs*XOXO,Anita

  15. take a lot of rest.. dont stress urself.. worrying also is a a stress, eat lots of nutritious food.. and take vitamins on time..with folic acid too.. my prayers will be with u and ur dot.. take care

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