Week 5 with Dot

Moving on to week 5, I’ve noticed some changes which I had not quite expected.

For the past several days, on and off, I’ve had bouts of fatigue. It not the type of tired feeling you get after you’ve ran an 800 meter marathon, but it’s as if I’ve had my life’s energy sucked out of me. I become slow, tired, and pretty much lifeless that all I want to do is SLEEP!!

Gosh, it’s ridiculous!! I mean, here I am sitting at the office typing away and I feel so so tired. I hardly move much because I feel like I can’t even lift my legs to get to get to the printer. Haih.

Then there’s the nausea. Ok I was fine throughout week four but starting yesterday, I’ve had bouts of nausea where I felt like I could throw up anytime. Thank God I didn’t. I couldn’t even down anything at dinner because everything just made me feel even more nauseous and gave me a pounding headache.

Today was worse, I woke up already having a headache, and the feeling of wanting to puke on everything was still there. One of our suppliers sent a crate of mandarin oranges to our department and while last week, I could eat 6 of those mini tangerines in a day, this time, just a whiff of their strong sent made me want to hurl. At lunch, in order to avoid me making an unintentional mess in anyone’s car, my friends and I had lunch at the cafeteria (they’re so sweet and understanding *hugs*). Nasib baik at the cafeteria ada bihun sup daging yang sedap, selera sikit la makan. Otherwise, I don’t think I can down anything. Tengok lauk semua macam tak selera je.

Worse is, I can’t take milk and I can’t look at fish. Serious rasa nak muntah. Unfortunately, those are the two things that are crucial for me to take. Minum susu je pening kepala. Key word: puke.

So far, no real hurling yet, just extreme nausea, headaches and fatigue. I hope this is as bad as it gets. Here’s praying that the worst will stay away.



  1. muhazu : yaayy! i’m so glad that other people are as turned off by fish and milk as i am! i was already thinking “oh man my kid’s deprived of good stuff”. thank you for sharing!!missy f : ginger ale works well with me too 😀suri : thanks.. the being patient game sure is a testing one ey? hehehe…sally : wooooowwww, your hubbie walked ALL the way?!?! hebat giler, sayang sungguh pada isteri dia, heeheeheenad : thanks for the suggestion! tried yoghurt, bluek jugak. but yohurt drink ok! 😀Blackie : thank you!! ~n.u.r~ : heeyy there 😀 welcome to my doodle space! feel free to link as you please, cheers!

  2. Dont worry, the nausea-ness phase will pass, yeahhh… sure it’s such a ‘disturbing’ feeling but it’s only temporary… I’ve been tht phase twice.. so I totally ‘feel’ you.You’ll regain yr appetite after maybe the third months.. or maybe less than that. You can eat the whole town.. and it’s really fun. Masa ni la nak extra manja with the significant other.. Ask anything and you’ll get them in a blink of eyes… hehehep/s I’d never forget I made hubby walked almost 4km to and fro to get me grilled prawn last time. Long story but I really appreciate his sweet gesture 🙂Sally

  3. Dont worry those symtoms is only seasonal. Enjoy the moment of being pregnant. I’ve been there..twice:)there nothing really u can do, but to be patient. Let it be. Hey at least u have something to tell your children in future:)

  4. Hi!!I’ve been your silent reader so far, and today I just feel like sharing pregnancy advice!! Hur hur!We haev things in common! During my first pregnancy, I was so anti-fish. They smell funny and ugghhh the hanyir bau was enuff to make me hurl :p Ditto to milk.Anyhoos, this takde-selera syndrome is just temporary, sweetie 🙂 After your 16th week (or rather, after your morning sickness phase has passed), you’ll get your groove back. Then you’ll want to eat almost everything in sight. Ha ha ha!Make up for your lost nutrients in the form of multi-vitamins. Ask your ob/gyn abt OBIMIN. Its a multi vit for preggers ladies :p Ooohhh! Don’t forget folic acid!!Take care, dearie, and welcome to the club!!~ila~

  5. adie : thanks adie! imagination switched on! hahahhamrs bride : yeaahh.. praying it doesn’t get worse!mieza : heheh.. thanks for the words of support 😀

  6. sabar raje….that’s the thrill…. doa jekla ko x jadik mcm aku…. i’m sure everything is gonna be alright for u amiinnn… just imagine…u’ll be playing with ur baby x lame agik….

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