It’s FREE, honestly!!

If you think it’s easy to give out free stuff, think again.

Currently, my department is running a financial literacy programme for factory workers. Yup, it’s for those who do manual work in factories (your general workers, operators and the likes).

It’s part of our 5 year financial literacy programme, whereby we hold money management talks for the public for free. Yes, you read it right. F.R.E.E.

It’s purely educational. 100% educational and 100% free. We don’t sell products, we don’t have any hidden agenda, we’re there to share knowledge. You would think that companies would pounce at this opportunity, think of the betterment of their employees, especially with the economic conditions of today. This is a rare chance for them to be able to gain a crucial life skill, without any charge! I mean, try enrolling yourself for a money management course outside, you can be sure that it’ll cost you some. Either that, or you’d be pushed to buy some product or other at the end of the talk.

So that’s the problem you see. Most companies can hardly believe us when we say that the talk is free. They keep asking “what’s in it for you?”, “what do you get out of it?”, what are you trying to sell?”. Even after explaining a kabillion times that we are a funded programme, thus the programme is a national agenda and running at no cost to the public, they are still skeptical. I suppose they have strong reasons, they’ve probably been in situations where banks promise a free talk, but end up hard selling their products.

I’m running out of ideas on how to get factories to hold this for their workers, hence why I’m posting this on my blog. If any of you know people I can be in touch with, or have friends that might be keen to hold this sort of programme for their companies, please drop me a note!



  1. Mrs Bride : Thanks hun! I’ve been in contact with Sony’s training dept, they’re looking into it at the moment, so i hope they’ll agree to it soon!mommy TPO : wahhh!! sangat best tu!! do you think you can help by giving his/her contact number? I’ll call you soon 😀

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