New toy!

Last year, my department travelled A LOT for work. Not only did we travel a lot, we got lost A LOT as well! Hhahahahah…

It was very challenging to find the locations of where we were supposed to be as they were in areas that almost all of us had never ventured before e.g. Perlis, Klang, somewhere deep inside Kuantan, Johor (this one not so bad) and all other states of the country. Needless to say, we’ve learnt that if we want to save time, we have got to find a solution to that problem. So what did we do?

We got ourselves a GARMIN!! woohoo!!

GARMIN in a box

The first day our department’s little gadget arrived, we tested it out during lunch time. Chelup and I were to have lunch with Captain at the oh-so-famous Tanglin Ikan Bakar place. Although we’ve both been there several times, we could hardly remember the way. So, we keyed in Tanglin into the GPS, waited a while and there it was, on our new digital map : IKAN BAKAR TANGLIN!! hahahhha!!

Absolutely awesome lah! We arrived there on time and best of all, didn’t miss any turnings! Memang puas hati makan ikan bakar hari tu!

Chelup enjoying his ikan bakar and ulam

So here’s to a new year of clear roads and great directions! LOL!


  1. KENAPA NAMA DIA GARMIN.. hahahahhaha. give it a nicer name chor!! mesti ada that pompuan ckp2 the direction kan? kan? chelup?! hahaha good one!

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