My beautiful little dot

I know some might say it’s still very early, but I can’t help it, I just HAVE to share the good news πŸ™‚

I’m going to be a mommy πŸ˜€

It’s still surreal when I say it to myself but both the husband and I are over the moon! When I tested positive on the home pregnancy test, we immediately set up an appointment with my gynea. While waiting to see her in the waiting area, the husband was so nervous that you’d think it was him who was pregnant, LOL!

As soon as we were called in, we explained our little situation to my gynea and after a little Q&A, she excitedly ushered us to the scanning area. She proceeded with the scanning and the next moment she exclaimed “Dah ada! Alhamdulillah!!”.

The husband and I were staring our eyes crooked at the screen going.. where?? what??

She pointed it out and as sure as the sun shines bright, there was my baby-to-be, ever so tiny but definitely there. Exactly 4 weeks old, measuring 5mm big, my first reaction was “THAT dot?”

That got my doctor laughing as she replied, “Yes, that beautiful little dot”.

Anyway, my gynea was the sweetest, she got as excited as we did and at the end of the appointment gave me one big congratulatory hug (totally unexpected). I don’t care what anyone says, I’m sticking to this doctor!!

Here’s my very first baby scan. He/she is so tiny, probably just a couple of cells at the most. I’ve put a little yellow circle around it so that you all can see πŸ™‚

I welcome as many tips and advice from everyone as I am in fact rather nervous about the whole upcoming months. What should I eat? What should I NOT eat? Are there restrictions to what I can do? My job involves a lot of traveling and physical movements, is that ok?

I guess I will ask around and read as much as I can to put my worries at ease, do my best to take it all in stride and also do everything that I can for my little precious.

For now, I’m just all smiles πŸ™‚


  1. anon : tenkiu tenkiu πŸ™‚missy f : you’re going to be my point of reference too!! lol!!KbZb : she’s yours too? she’s great kan? heheh.. thank you..m@ri@ : thanks hun πŸ™‚hidayah : awww, tenkiu tenkiu!! *hugs* wish i could just come over and visit you all!SnT : tenkiuuu!!V : me too! ahahhaa, can’t wait to see ya! πŸ™‚dayang : thank you!Quiyah : merci!!Lina : I’m hoping I’ll love it too, hehehe.. trying my best to take care πŸ˜€Laney : yes well, unfortunately the pets are going to be around, hehehehlankapo : terima kaseeehhh.. hehehe.. point number one tuh, cam dah terlambat sket, hahahah.. folic acid, ikut perintah doctor jek.. mmm.. lain lain.. masih belum ada perkembangan πŸ˜€D*d : you’re not that dark lah, hahaha, ok will pump in the soyatwo_one : macam-macam la u..dillot : oh yeah, i am so chanting along with you!! hahhahLiz : *BIG HUGS* thank you lizzie!!! πŸ˜€ mazi@ : thank you mazia! πŸ™‚

  2. *sobs*… omg congratulations dearest!!.. i'm so happy for u n Adam.. YaY!!! ur the first from the 3 stoogers! *sobs again n again*.. tears of joy.. might we be expecting a merdeka baby? hee..Luv ya gurl.. take very good care of yourself.. HUGS!-congrats fromliz&hasrul-

  3. Uhhhhhh!!! *excited*Baca surah Yusuf!! Aunty lala nak beli jersey Man United tuk lil pwince. *tapiiii… girl boley beli cute white dresses with tiny yellow flowers. hmmm… nehhhh~!!*BOY! BOY! BOY!p/s: hubby jangan bunuh sebarang binatang? BWAHAHAHAHAA.

  4. Yang i dengar, kalau buat masa gelap, anak gelap.. kalau buat masa cerah, anak cerah… ada pula yang kata kalau buat malam gelap, buat siang cerah… entahlaaa… hahahaha

  5. twiggy,akhirnya…berjaya juge hehe.COngrat to both of you. My advice πŸ™‚– pesan kat hubby jgn bunuh sebarg binatang– acid folik jgn mkn byk2 nanti baby besar hehe– baca buku ttg parenting dan pregnancies. masa i dulu, I akan baca dgn wife perkembangan every month my damia masa dlm perut. memang miracle..– klu nak putih minum soya byk hehe (i tak sure, but it works for me)– klu nak baby girl, amalkan surah maryam or Yusuf for boy– setiap kali solat doa untuk dpt anak yang lengkap anggota badan,sihat dan cukup sifat, be specific– no more high heelscukup lah kut, klu mabuk/loya/muntah2 nanti baru mencabar sket hehe.All the best, take good care of the dot n u.lankapo

  6. oh, so happy for u… =) u’ll love the whole being pregnant experience.. i’m sure!! take good care of urself – especially at this early stage..

  7. salam nana,congrats to u and adam for becoming papa n mama to be!! jaga kesihatan baik2 dan stay hepi always k…semoga dipermudahkan Allah untuk kandungan ini… amirah najwa will get cousin this year…yeay!!!from:ahmad, hidayah n amirah najwa

  8. Can't resist to post a comment once i saw Dr Marsita's name being mentioned. She's my gynae too and she's good. I definitely trust her so far. She's going to be my ob! Congrats to u & adam.

  9. Hi mommy-to-be…Congrats * —–hugs——*Hope you’ll have fun experiencing 3trimesters of the pregnancy.The best part would be when the baby starts communicating through his/her kicks and punches.. and those little butterflies feelings. It’s the most wonderful feeling in the world… :p.. and off course after the baby is born. Sally

  10. D*d : awww, thank you babes!! and i sure need you to be around to keep me sane! yes, you’re gonna be an auntie πŸ™‚ hehehheGF : thank you! aiyoh.. i hate milk.. so difficult, bau pun nak muntah, camane tuhMun : *hugs* thank you!!Soraya : Princess Dot! ahhahaha!! or maybe Prince.. we’ll just have to wait and see πŸ™‚Mrs-Bride : Thanks dear!! am THRILLED to join the club!! πŸ˜€ let the countdown begin *grin*lmk : uuuu..good one, i’ll keep an eye out for that book, thanks hun!Azreen : tenkiuu πŸ™‚mommy of TpO : you KNOW i’m going to come to you for advice!! bring on your lectures and bebeling!! hahahah!!two_one : hehehe *winks*anon : aminn.. thank you[Hanie] : thanks dear!!mieza : feels like nothing i’ve ever felt before πŸ™‚ heheh.. dun be much of a twiggy? err, i akan usaha makan bebanyak!Adie : tengs Adie!!!RSA : Alhamdulillah, thank you very much. i think i will definitely go out and grab that book πŸ˜€nad : tenkiu nad!! i akan sumbat diri i continuously!! hahahaha..shuey : mekaceehhh πŸ˜€Shah : Pakchu Andrew?? ahahahah, boleh ajeerrrlilly : tenkiu tenkiu πŸ˜€ my gynae is Dr Marsita, she’s based in Pantai Medical Center, but on some days, she’s at PrimaNora (that’s where I go since it’s near my house).Nunu : tenkiu nunu πŸ˜€blur12 : aaaa…yek? hahahaah!! tak tak..belum kot..wiwieadam : thanks!Zee : aww, thanks Zee!! My prayers that your time comes soon πŸ™‚

  11. Wow! Bestnye…Congrats to both of you.. πŸ˜€Very, very happy for you…Can’t wait for my time..huhu..heh..

  12. congrats! i found ur blog thru Munira, and i love reading ur updates. sungguh syiok ok being a mommy =D and so early too u found out. i was in denial until i suddenly decided to take the test… n that was in my 8th week. lol.yay!

  13. CONGRATS!ALhamdulillah..and yes, the book what to expect when you’re expecting is a good read, also, try to find buku amalan2 utk ibu2 mengandung which is really good for you and baby, insyaAllah.Dalm tu pun ada nama2 yang elok and tak elok to be given to your baby…I pray that everything works well for you 2+1.take care.

  14. congrats dear..finally eh?! i know u’ve been wanting to haf one beautiful dot of ur own sure feels great kan? alhamdulillah for the two of u..jaga diri bebaik ye..dun be much of a twiggy tau.

  15. the moment i saw little dot.. i knew it! i knew it! m so happy for you babe. my hubby bought me this book called “what to expect when you’re expecting” probably 3 days after we came back from our honeymoon (yes.. he’s super excited). though i only manage to read the first chapter (for obvious reasons LOL).. i think its a good book. and all my pregger frens suggested it. i presume it should be good for you too..congrats!!

  16. babe, i knew it! i knew it! the moment i saw ur link at my blog with ur latest update.. “my beautiful little dot”.. i knew the DOT means THIS!! yayy.. u’re joining THE club now! hihihi.. CONGRATS dear! soo sooo happy for u!! πŸ˜‰ so, due biler nih? am so excited.. another blogger fwen plak yg pregger.. yay!!! take care tau.. mwa mwa! *hugs* πŸ™‚p.s. excited kan tgk the lil dot for the first time? had my own suka-ati scan at the clinic today.. sooo excited to see the heartbeat! awww.. πŸ˜€

  17. u now have ur own Princess Dot!!! πŸ˜€ wheeee!!!!!! or erm Prince?! alar, lupa belum boleh tau the jantina.. hhuhu. haih.. must wait first then i can say whether princess or not..

  18. Congrats Girl. Now, if u haven’t already, get Adam 2 buy u Folic Acid. ade kat pharmacy mana2, must eat for first 3 mths ni πŸ™‚ milk, milk, milk. happy for u guys. helps. must check it out!

  19. I’m so happy for you babes. You are going to make a wonderful mama to a beautiful child πŸ™‚ I’ll be here with you throughout the whole journey ok? I might not be helpful with the technical questions but I promise to have a hand handy whenever you need someone to hold yours along the way. And I meant it when I said the kid can runaway to my house whenever he/she wants heheh!And I don’t mean to sound selfish but… I’M GONNA BE AN AUNTIE!! *sob*

  20. I’m so happy for you babes. You are going to make a wonderful mama to a beautiful child πŸ™‚ I’ll be here with you throughout the whole journey ok? I might not be helpful with the technical questions but I promise to have a hand handy whenever you need someone to hold yours along the way. And I meant it when I said the kid can runaway to my house whenever he/she wants heheh!And I don’t mean to sound selfish but… I’M GONNA BE AN AUNTIE!! *sob*

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