Hello world!

Hi again Doodlers!

After crying a whole day and night for my beloved Kiss Kiss, I had to move on, for the sake of darling Pitong. Pitong now has a new friend, and you should have seen how happy he was to have company again. Will put up pictures of the new hammy soon.

It’s day three at work in the wonderful 2009 and goodness gracious it’s been ever so busy! We still have some KPIs to complete (spilling over from 2008) and the 2009 KPIs are already looming ahead. High expectations for my department his year from the powers that be, I pray that we do not disappoint anyone, especially ourselves.

2009 2009!! Heheheh.. I’m quite happy welcoming this new year, although I’m not sure why. My sister’s supposed to be coming back for her holidays some time this year, I am absolutely looking forward to that. Can’t wait!!

Anyway, just thought I’d drop a little hello to everyone, after disappearing for quite awhile.


  1. Thank you ma peeps for scribbling your words of support, ailebiuu *hugs*Now, let’s put all that negative aura Anon has left here into one BIG bubble and blow it away from my happy happy blog 😀You know Anon, you’re still very much welcome to read and leave comments, just try not to put in too much negativity k? I believe we all get enough of that from the media, heheh..Cheers!

  2. *tergelak*Okay before anyone accuse me outright of being insensitive, I'm sorry but I found it unbelievable someone actually wrote a comment like that in the first place! Kesiannya you, Twiggy. Baru satu post about your pet, dah kena herdik. I've been posting about my cats and other people's cats and dogs and God knows what other creatures sampai tak terkira! Lol!I'm really sorry about your pet's death. People might say it's just a hamster, but a pet still has a place in its owner's heart, just like a beloved human being. You guys should read the book “Marley & Me” (there's a movie adaptation out right now). So those who don't understand a person's relationship with their pets should read that book. When a pet dies, it hurts just as much as losing a person.And before any other ignorant smartasses try to attack me, it's not that I don't care, okay? I've been around dead people – hell I work with dead people and it's going to be my career till I drop dead probably (let's hope that *I* won't end up becoming a crime scene myself because that'd be just too… y'know, ironic). What's going on in Palestine sucks, but that does not mean you have to stop living your own life as well. I'm sorry for being blunt, but I can't think of a better way to say it. And in every bit if despair and grimness, there's a need to look for good as well. That's what survival's about.Anon, I think you care very much about the goings on in this mad world but you need to lighten up, sunshine. Take a pointer from Shah.Twiggy, you keep writing your stuff – cheese, grief, hubby, drama and the whole shebang. A lot of us are enjoying it. Cheers, my love!

  3. 1)I know I was wrong for saying that she is not sensitive about what happened in Palestine and about her pet but I did apologized.. saya tahu saya salah sebab tulah saya mengaku dan minta maaf ok.. saya bukannya orang yang dah tahu salah tapi masih lagi tak nak mengaku dan berlagak pandai! 2)from your previous posted,I think that both u and ur husband can deliver/discuss whatever issues, dengan lebih baik dan mendapat sambutan dari pembaca blog.3) Thank you everybody for your comments. I think I am overly sensitive about this issue but is that wrong? Yes, maybe not at the right place. Sorry for even posted a comments in your blog Raja. Assalamualaikum

  4. I cannot fathom how you can ask her to be a “little” sensitive when you can clearly read, for a fact, that she felt deeply for such a small creature like Kiss Kiss?? Semua orang ada hak masing-masing tapi hak pembaca tidaklah seluas yang kita sangkakan… 🙂

  5. I agree with Shah, the very idea of keeping a blog for yourself is to have the freedom to talk/write about anything you like (though in my view, still within the confines of peace and politeness). If you feel this passionately about the current situation with the middle east conflict then you had best express it in your own space rather than criticising others for not verbalising their concerns simply because they choose not to. Shah is right in saying that there are many other sites that are talking about it already and if you were only to avail yourself with these avenues of expression then you might actually find what you are looking for.

  6. hola anonymous!there are so many articles and posting on the Gaza situation and yet another one on this blog is not going to do much. personally i feel that peoples brains are starting to get saturated with all the information.yes, Gaza is important. but why do you want to read about it on every single blog, every single website? heck, i’m already getting tons of information from Facebook!i recommend you start your own blog and write all you want about what’s happening. oh, you may want to write articles about the corruption level in malaysia as well because, as SAUDARA SEISLAM, we should fight corruption all out (and not just the zionists).ciao!

  7. Maaflah kalau saya ni insensitive about your pet… don’t mean to leaved a “rude” comment in your blog..lagipun, this is your blog and you have the right to write about anything. Saya cuma nak beri cadangan saja tapi mungkin ayat yang saya gunakan tak berapa tepat. So, sama2lah kita bedoa untuk saudara seIslam kita.. Once again, I’m sorry..

  8. excuse me? not writing about it doesn’t mean that I am not sensitive to what’s happening around the world. Thank you for your suggestion but I think you are very insensitive to write such a comment. Sembahyang hajat and berdoa lah. That’s the least we could do. Buat ape tulis kat blog.I can’t believe you said all that about my reaction to losing my pet.

  9. Assalamualaikum.. You can cry for a whole night for your beloved Kiss Kiss but what about our bothers and sisters in Palestine? About all the childrens that were killed by the STUPID ZIONIS(laknatullah)!! Aren’t you sensitive about this issue? I am your silent reader for awhile now for both you and your husband blogs. Everybody have their own opinion about this issue but I think as a MUSLIM, we should be a litte sensitive.. please write something about what happen in Palestine.. let the people knows.. tulislah sekurang-kurangnya satu artikel berkaitan krisis ini… this is the least we could do to help… Wasalam – saudara seislam..

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