Kiss Kiss… in loving memory…

Kiss Kiss the hamster died this afternoon. She was sick the whole day yesterday, barely moving, eating nor drinking. We took her to the vet, but I knew there wasn’t much the vet could do.

Today is exactly two weeks since we first brought Kiss Kiss home, along with Pitong.

I’m deeply saddened by this. I felt that I could have stopped it from happening if only I had been more firm. If only people would have listened. Sigh, another story for another day.

What do I tell God… *sniffle*

Kiss Kiss, I’m very sorry I let you fall ill. I shouldn’t have let it happen. I’m sure you’re at a wonderful place in hammy-heaven. I’ll miss you.

Lots of kisses,


  1. Sally : thank you for your kind words.. pitong was looking very sad and glum so we did our best to find a new friend for him. will update soon 🙂Hanie : itula.. sedey sedey..

  2. sorry to hear that.I’m sure Pitong must be missing kiss2 a lot too. Get a new mate for Pitong, will ya dear…??? Sally

  3. *sniffle*tenkiu everybody (V, yaya, GF, dillot, rajen and shah) for your kind words of support… I will deeply miss Kiss Kiss… she was such a pretty and intelligent little hammy. Now, on with life, and to keep Pitong a happy hammy.

  4. your post *huwaaaa* rajen’s comment *tehehee* your post *buuuhuuhuu* rajen’s comment *sakit perut!*yeah dear, take care of pitong…

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