My lovely 2008 memories…

How fast the year 2008 flew by. Honestly, it’s like it just zipped pass me and I miss it already. I’ve had such great times in 2008 and I think it would be nice for me to recap some significant moments in the past year.

– Top most significant moment in my entire life : married the one I love 🙂 with awesome support from family and friends. I love you all.

– Had the most beautiful honeymoon I could ever imagine.. white sands, clear blue sea, candle lit dinner and slow dancing to live music.. thanks love!

– Made my very first chocolate cake and muffins with great success!!

– My baby sister flew off to the UK to further her studies, boohoohooo.. :'( miss her loads and loads

– My first raya as a wife, but without my family.. no mama, papa, yaya.. *crrrryyyy* but thank God I had my wonderful husband around with me.

– Work achievement was top notch, with an awesome to show for, yaaaayyy!!! *grin* I LOVE MY JOB!!

– Got addicted to online shopping!! Hhahahahha!!!

– Bought my first ever designer handbag (I LOVE MY FERRAGAMO!)

– Revamped my blog’s look 😀

– Having to deal with IL issues, ahh yes.. part and parcel of marriage.

– Welcomed Pitong and Kiss Kiss into the family (oh and of course, Donut!)

– Last but not least, made SO MANY AWESOME FRIENDS on DOODLES!! I love you all!! May we continue this wonderful friendship that we have, even though we may never cross each other’s paths in real life, heyyy… the blogging world is significant enough!

*hugs all around*


  1. Sally : awwww, thank youuu! that’s one of the sweetest things anyone has said to me, EVER! Hugs!!V : i agree! hehehe, will await for your return to the land of yummy food 😀

  2. hey babes ! love this post u have acheived alot this yr but 09 we must meet ok am back for cuti in march and we have to hang out , and go to these bazaars where these online shoppers hv stalls … coz ur responsible for check on the shopping pages on your blog !

  3. Dear Liyana, Happy New Year to you too and hope all our dreams will come true…. 🙂You a such a sweet girl with heart of gold, maybe we’ll never met in real world, but it’s also nice to befriend with someone through blogsphere. I even told my hubby, I wished to have a DIL as sweet as you in future… OMG that will be in verryyy verry long time ( my eldest son is just 5.. LOL!… Take care and cheers!!!Sally

  4. hehe..tang online shopping tu haah la i din think of dat when i thought about 2008 ahah..IL issues? i think that will be mine in 2009 kut..eventho skang ada rasa tempias hehehhappy new year to u dear..

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