They’re heeeeere!!!

Everybodeeee, say hello to Pitong and Kiss Kiss!! ๐Ÿ˜€

Pitong’s butt

Kiss Kiss going down the slide

Yes, that’s right, we now have two super cute hamsters to join the household (much to the aghast of my mom and mom-in-law).

The husband couldn’t contain his excitement yesterday after we dropped by a friend’s house, and they had hamsters. Therefore, we went to a shop in PJ Old Town to purchase the cage and food and bedding but unfortunately, they did not have much choice of hamsters. So off we went to One Utama, only to find out that the huge pet shop had closed down for quite some time.

All set on getting the hamsters, we drove to Ikano Power Centre and lo and behold, hamsters piled by the dozens!! Hahahahah!! Unfortunately, these dwarf hamsters are quite known to be a feisty breed. They tend to bite and you have to reeeeaaally look through the bunch to find the ones that do not bite.

Pile of crazy hamsters

Disebabkan suami terchenta nak sangat hamster tapi takut dengan hamster yang gigit, bini dia nih pun nekad la cari hamster yang TAK gigit untuk dia. I put my hand into the pile of hamsters and within seconds I had cute but crazy furry balls biting all over my hand. A bloody (literally) 10 minutes later, I found the perfect two hamsters which did not bite. ALHAMDULILLAH!! lol!!

Susah ok nak cari yang tak gigit! I did my research on the internet and apparently, if you manage to find dwarf hamsters that don’t bite, their offspring will be as gentle as they are too. Thank God for that. Oh yes, the ones I picked out are a couple, a male and a female. Hence, we foresee a brood of hamsters in the future. You can keep an eye out for that, I don’t plan on keeping them.

The husband had already picked out a name, as I mentioned in an earlier post, so the male is called Pitong. Don’t ask. I was given the sweet honour of picking out a name for the girl hamster so I named her Kiss Kiss.

The pictures above aren’t very clear, I’ll put up better ones later on when I’ve perfected the skill of capturing moving objects on still camera. Heheheh.. I’m not much of a photog.

Oh, and how are my two cats reacting to the new additions? Well, Lady hates the hamsters. Actually, I think she’s scared of them. I brought her to their cage and she clung on to me for dear life and started hissing like mad. Romeo on the other hand seem to find them absolutely amusing. Yesterday night, he sat and watched them for a whole hour. This morning, when I brought out the hamster cage, he continued his watch.

Romeo being curious

Here’s hoping that all goes well with the future of hamster-ful days! LOL!


  1. entry u ni menyebabkan i nak bela hamster je..tapi i takmo dier beranak pinak..what if i beli dua2 jantan? i tanak beli sekor nanti die lonely sgt. kalau dua2 jantan derang gaduh ke tidak eh? hehe

  2. blur12 : romeo memang suka buat muka gedik dan comel, hahahahahhanie : aww, you pun ada hamster?hamster best! hehehe!!GF : yeaaah, the house can be dislodged but so far, no danger of the little hammies escaping yet ๐Ÿ˜€ plan to have hamsters again? you know where to keep checking! lol! rsa : boley!! boley!! no problem, hahahahah.. mari kita sama-sama tungguuuu… hahahahahLizzie : you could be right you know, mata dia bulat and bersinar-sinar time tengok hamsters tu, hahahahsalezah : no problem at all! am definitely happy to find good homes for the future baby hammies! (lol, padahal my hamsters mate pun belum lagi, hahahaha)mrs amie : lembut!! and gebu!!! hehehehhe

  3. Hi Liyana,My boys have been asking for hamster for so long, but their mummy is too scared to get bitten or scratched or ‘harrased’ by these furry little things. Now since you got the gentler breed ones, if .. if la kan they really breed and you do not wish to keep a whole family of hamster in your hse, can we buy those babies in future for adoption… (Lol! really malu kay nak tanya but for the sake of the boys…)Btw,Emir loves to over-feed your donut till *he falls asleep * he refers to emir not!)Xoxo,Salezah

  4. Romeo ni looks more like a bulldog than a cat.. Hahaha.. He’s waiting to pounce on the hamsters tu sebenarnya. Cuma u amik gambar so dia eksyen la baik, curious, pelajar terbaik sekolah.. HahahahKiss Kiss is a cute name la.. Me likey!

  5. boys have been asking for hamsters and golf fish for a long time..i yg put off their request coz last2 I jugak yg kena jaga…good luck and if suddenly i terNAK hamster, can I be one of the first in line?hehe..muka tak malu..tapi kenala tanya my is superadorable!

  6. girl, the hamsters’ cage same as mine! but then rumah tu boleh dislodge, making it a tad bahaya. gosh i miss having hamsters!! best if diorg beranak cute!! have fun with the little heartwarmers ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. huwaghhh i pon baru update pasal hamster kat blog i ๐Ÿ˜€ Hehee sgt best kan bela dan tgk dorang ni. Walaupun hamster tak paham kita,compare to ctas, tp dorang cute sgt! ๐Ÿ˜€ Same2lah kite menjaga hamster yer hehe.

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