Dah kawen ke belom??

I don’t know how I managed to forget to tell you guys about this little incident that happened while I was queuing up during the FJ Benjamin sale.

As mentioned in my previous post, I went (for the second time) to the sale with husband dearest. There was already a long queue when we reached there, so we obediently fell into line along with everybody else. While waiting, my husband and I entertained ourselves by telling each other jokes and making empty conversation just to pass time. We were giddy with laughter due to our own stupid jokes and after some time I got tired so I leaned against him who was leaning against the wall and he put his arm around me for support. Kalau dak, tergolek la bini dia jatuh kan.

Throughout the whole time we were in queue, there was this huge Malay dude who was in queue in front of us. Every now and then he’d steal glances and give this “aku sunggoh tak puas hati dengan mereka” look towards us. I didn’t notice it, obviously, being rabun and constantly oblivious to my surrounding. He husband however, noticed it from the very beginning and while we were leaning against the wall, he whispered to me “Yang, mamat depan kita nih mesti pikir kita tak kawen lagi. Dari tadi dok pandang-pandang.”

I was like, ha? Mana? Sapa?

Suddenly, sedang saya terkebil-kebil kat situ, the dude who my husband was referring to (the very same guy who was in queue in front of us) turned and said “Dah kahwin ke belom ni?”

The two of us just smiled politely and said “Dah.”

He replied with a simple “Oh” but the look on his face obviously showed that he definitely did not believe us.

My husband and I tried our best not to laugh! I nearly snorted out my giggles I tell you! Husband I dah nak bawak keluar dia punya Kad Kahwin JAKIM nak tunjuk kat mamat tuh, but I wouldn’t let him, hahahahha!!

Amenda laaa… it’s not like we were snogging in public or anything like that for God’s sake! After that, we came up with a million different come backs we could have thrown at him but we were too nice to be bitchy.

“Ha aaahh, kitorang dah kaweennn.. best gila.. abang belom ek? Sian.. ”

”Dah! Tapi dengan orang lain.. hahahahah”

Memacam lagi la kitorang pikir boleh jawab balik kat dia, but we were too excited about the shopping that we couldn’t be bothered. I was fine with him looking every now and then, mungkin dia jeles sebab dia takde awek, but I couldn’t believe it that he actually asked if we were married!! I wonder whether he would have broken into a preach if we had said we were not married. Sedangkan kitorang cakap dah kawen pun muka dia tak puas hati, hahahahah!!

Sunggoh menjaga tepi kain orang, sebaik aku tak comolot je depan dia.

Anyhuuu, here’s a picture of the two of us that fateful morning.

Hhahahahaha!! OK LAAA!! Ade gak rupe bebudak tak cukup umur yang pegi dating sambil membeli belah, hahahahahahah!! Tapi takde la sampai menyuarakan isi hati, ye dak? Gosh.


  1. Alahai dear, comey mcm ni no one can believe u both married dy. nowadays, joyah support, abang Naz terjah ke, mr. amboi..amboi..amboi..dah ramai. merata2..busy body kannnn…just ignore ppl mcm tuh.. 😉

  2. I pun penah kenah..not to say penah la but awez kene mcm tu..sampai kadang2 rase nak gantung kad kawen tu mcm tag nak gi keje so senang kan..xde org nak salah paham lagi..hihihi

  3. mrs bride : kalau boleh i nak LAGI over nak tengok dia start berzikir ke ape ke.. hahahahahmunira : I AGREE!!! and thanks 🙂lmk : hahaha, yeaahh.. muka makcik kepoh sebelah rumah sort of look kan?? hahahhahhaah!!laney : hoho!! i guess everyone of us gets this at some point of time ey? now if only i can get myself that magic ticket like yours.. hehehehe..

  4. hubby and i get that a lot too.. so busybody kan? but not anymore with my recent bulging belly (pregnant).. it’s like a ticket to do anything! hahaha.. a little loving can’t hurt aight? =p

  5. Good lord. Some people need to learn to mind their own business, be less judgmental… and oh yeah, try unwedge whatever stick that’s up their arse. Sheesh. It’s not like the two of you were fornicating in public!You two make a sweet-looking pair, btw. 🙂

  6. hahahahaha! sungguh bz body lelaki itewww. hehehe. agaknya dia tny apa la kt kitorg (me & hubby) kalo nampak kitorg over in public.. hahahaha! woopss.. tp ya laa.. u guys looked really young n youth-looking.. chewah.. hahaha.. klakar arr! 😛

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