I ordered a bowl of mushroom soup as part of my dinner yesterday night. I left it aside for a while and concentrated on my conversation and my plate of spaghetti first. Unfortunately, I failed to realize that the soup was still smoking hot and when I put my spoon of soup into my mouth, it burnt my tongue and the roof of my mouth. needless to say my eyes watered for a bit as I struggled to keep the soup in.


So now, my taste buds have lost their senses, everything I eat tastes pretty much the same. Not only that, my lelangit (roof of mouth) feels all jelly-like and whenever it touches with my tongue, I get this weird metallic taste. Yuck.

On a different topic altogether, I’m saddened and disappointed. I put up a sticky post for the past three days. A sticky post asking for help from all of you, to do a simple questionnaire as I needed research for an article I am writing. Not one of my Doodle readers did the questionnaire. NOT. A. SINGLE. PERSON. EMAILED. ME.

Double ouch.

I guess everyone must be busy. It’s ok. I understand.


  1. babe, i saw the ‘note’ but i’m not a musician or got anything to do with the subject.. so that’s why tak email.. sorry yekk!! i’m sure u’ll come out with superb article later.. u’re a great writer! 🙂

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