Everybodeee, meet DONUT!!


Ok, everyone please look to the right of the screen. Do you see him?
Doodlers, meet Donut! He is my official blog mascot *grin*

Oh, you can feed him too! Just click anywhere on his little space and little nibbits of food will appear from thin air (it’s magic i tell ya).

Why did I name him Donut? Because, my friends, I have a feeling that all of you will have so much fun feeding the little furball that he’ll be as round as a doughnut in no time, hahahahah!!



  1. i fed him a lo..i mean A LOT..and then let hime play on the wheel thousand times and yet, donut haven’t vomit anything..heh..just kidding!donut such a cutie.. 🙂

  2. Munirah : Isn’t he? 😀Blackie : It’s addictive kan? The whole ‘feeding the hamster’ thing, hahahahahLizzie : get one! get one!lankapo : omg, buncitlah donut saya, hahahahahrsa : whoops! sorry mommy!! haahahha, cakap diorang takyah beli yang betul, nak main hamster online jek page aunty twiggy

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