Wedding error or not.

Hari ni pergi wedding kawan. Sangat seronok. Excited sebab suke diorang kawen. They make such a nice couple.

Cerita thriller hari ini. Kitorang salah majlis. Well, almost.

We got there not knowing anyone except the bride, groom, the pengapit perempuan and her partner. Lain sume kitorang tak kenal.

Sampai-sampai dewan, perut hungry like anything, keroncong macam Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. So the husband and I found ourselves a table, he sat and “jaga tempat duduk” (free seating maa) and I went straight to the buffet table. After piling my plate with briyani and ayam masak merah, I happily sat back at our table.

Husband : Yang, kita kat wedding sape ni?

Me : What? Wedding Azleen la!

Husband : Habis, tu sape? (finger pointing at screen showing akad nikah)

I couldn’t see the bride’s face, and when the camera finally showed glimpses of the bride’s side profile, I couldn’t recognize her.

OH MY GOD. We’re at the wrong wedding!

Nasi dah amik nih!!!! Camane!!!

I called up the Babester, who was also pengapit of the day and told her in our little situation.

She burst out laughing before asking us to get to the right wedding pronto. Her partner called me back a few minutes later and confirmed that there was only one wedding going on at the venue therefore it’s impossible that we got the wrong wedding.

At the same time, the camera finally zoomed in on the groom and THANK GOD we were at the right wedding. Hahahahahah!! Malu sehh, kalau tak nak buat ape dengan nasi briyani sepinggan tuh?? I was all set to make a run for the door dengan nasi-nasi sekali.

Anyway, main reason why I didn’t recognize the bride was that she was all dolled up and looked so elegant and grown up that I honest to God thought she was someone else. Not an insult here, but a compliment.

Azleen sweetie you looked absolutely gorgeous!!! (unfortunately, tak bawak camera, tak dapat amik gambar).

So here’s to the bride and groom, a super huge congratulations to Azleen and Naguib!! May you be blessed with trains of beautiful children!!


  1. HAHAHAHA =p Lawak la korang nih =p I couldnt stop laughing! Thanks for coming tau. Trains of children? Tunggu korang dulu kot *lolz*

  2. erk..muahahahahaha.. ๐Ÿ˜€so mean of me.. ๐Ÿ˜›kalau tersalah majlis pun takpe..dah cedok nasi jadi makan je la dulu..heh.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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