On being a kid

Kids grow up so fast, kan?

I don’t have children of my own just yet but I simply adore doting on my niece and nephews. They’re the most amazing bunch of toddlers and when they get together, they surely can keep everyone occupied with their antiques.

One fine Thursday, the husband and I went to pick up my niece and her little brother (who went along to watch) from her ballet academy. She looked so sweet in her pink ballet outfit complete with the soft swaying skirt. She was all chatters the moment she came out of class, grabbing me by the hand and talking non stop about her dance routine, her pocket money, fruit juice, her school, my car seat, little brother and God knows what else. It’s amazing the number of topics a 7 year old can squeeze in five minutes.

While my husband was driving home, the two little ones were in the back (with the maid) and still continuously blabbing away, each person on a different topic. So I’d be nodding my uhuhs to my right when another conversation would start on my left (Aunty Liyana look at my bottle of soya bean!! It says HALAL! See? See??!)

Then it came upon me that I can now understand full sentences coming from my little nephew! It used to be that he sounded to me as if he was talking in Simlish but now I can actually understand his whole sentence albeit with the ‘pelat’ness lah, of course. Then while in midst of the chatter, my niece turned to her maid and started conversing in Malay!! GASP!! Perfect Malay too!! I rarely hear her speak Malay and this time it was a whole conversation that I was listening too. Impressive.

All the kiddy rant died down when the maid gave them a keropok lekor each, which killed the car’s air freshener completely, hahahahah!

Below is my favourite picture of me and my niece and nephews. They were having a wonderful time that day, turning my skinny legs into somewhat a playground obstacle course. Running between my legs, tugging left and right, and pulling on my jeans seems to have given them absolute joy for a whole five minutes.

Notice that I have my hands on my hips? Nay, I was grabbing on to my jeans for fear of them slipping off!! The unfortunate after effect of losing five kilos in during Ramadan.

Kids, step into their world and they’ll take you years back into your own childhood memories 🙂 Kind of makes you feel like a kid again, even if only to be a kid at heart.


  1. read this post.. and it made me feel like i want to turn back time to those days where we would all go on a holiday ramai2!!!!! sangat best.. a time where there was nothing to worry about..

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