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Any of you out there love seafood as much as I do? UUuuuUUuuu..i see a whole lot of hands shooting up (I can almost hear the “me! me! me!” echoing in front of them screens, heheheh).

Yes, I LOVE SEAFOOD. I especially love crabs and prawns, oh goodness me, they’re my all time favourite!!

My family, we have this particular seafood restaurant that we swear serves THE BEST butter crab dish EVER!! However, we save visits to the restaurant for special occasions only so that we don’t wear out the taste (although, who can ever get tired of seafood right?). Also due to health purposes lah kan because as well all know, seafood means cholesterol levels shooting up, eczema itching and turning red, and all that jazz. It wasn’t fair for us to go there that often when my sister was around too as she’s allergic to anything seafood. So kesian dia, bila kitorang gieh sana makan, she’ll just eat fish and vegetables. Nasib baik, assam fish dia sedap!

Recently, my husband and I, along with my parents went to our favourite seafood place again. After placing our orders, I went to the fish tanks to gawk at the fishes and crustaceans who are waiting for the time when the cook comes with a net and dump them into the frying pan (ish ish ish… kesiaannn…).

Hello my name is Mr Kerapu

What the *toot*. Sape pernah makan ni, sila cerita dekat saya!!


Anyone fancy some escargot?

the spider crab

I know, not the best place to pose for a picture, hahahahah!!

I highly recommend this place to seafood lovers out there. A lil’ bit pricey but absolutely worth it from my point of view. If you ever go there, I would say it’s best to order their assam fish, butter crab (make sure you order the WET butter crab), brocolli with scallops, yam cake, and steamed prawns with egg whites. Memang best!!


Oh man, I’m already salivating as I type this. Doesn’t help that it’s lunch time either. HUwargh!! That’s it, I’m off to get lunch!


  1. waaaaaaaahhhh gi big crab eh.. waaaaa lamanya tak mkn assam fish…. i never liked the butter crab.. i liked the bbq was it? or honey?? not sure.. huhuhu and the yam cake!!! by the way.. check the freezer.. i think i’ve bought one instant lotus pancake before. zaman bila punya tuh!! pls go n check yea. thanks!

  2. I lurrvee seafood too!but must always be prepared with my allergy pills..hantam aje..pastu makan obat..wakakaka..p/s thanks for dropping by my blog😀

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