Hellow my fellow Doodlers!!

How is everybody doing? Hope all of you are doing great!

Gosh, it suddenly dawned upon me that the whole Abby, Memey and Norman issue has taken over my blog, so enough about those three lah kan? I’m sure they can sort something out.

Anyhuuu, I’ve been a little bit tied up, trying to finish things up at the office. Not that I’m going anywhere, just need to tick off the long list of things to do. Friday was quite a challenging day, I spent hours doing up a poster for one of the upcoming events when suddenly the programme hanged, had to restart my laptop then find out that whatever I did failed to save. Hence, I had to start from scratch. *groan* Koreng kontek lens den!!

I still managed to finish it by the end of the working day, so at least it’s not so bad (walaupun penat buat kerja dua kali). If I had to postpone completion till next week, I would have been quite annoyed.

Oh oh, check out this rare picture of my cat, Lady!

Isn’t she beautiful? I mentioned that it is a rare picture because we seldom capture a CLEAR picture of this chubby furball due to her colour and tendency to stay in badly-lit areas. Hence, most of the time, picture of her would come out.. black. You can hardly see her in the photos. This time however, she was happily lazing about on my bed whith cream coloured bedsheets. So the husband grabbed his camera and went click happy! 😀

Anyway, just wanted to drop a little hello from me to all of you 🙂

Till next time, toodles!


  1. OHHHHHHHHHHHH GERAMNYA TGK LADY!!!!!!!!! NAK PELUK budak gebu ni!!!!!!!! btw, dia dah mula tidur atas katil chor eh… kawaiiii!

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