Do you all know what hummus is? Hummus is a dip or spread popular in the Middle Eastern side of the planet. Sila eja sikit kawan-kawan, ha mim sod, hummus. The first time I fell in love with hummus was when I was in Australia. My best friend and I were starving and I decided to grab a Lebanese kebab. They asked if I wanted hummus along with everything else, and me, not knowing what it was just said okay. My first bite was pure heaven!! After that, take me to an Arabic restaurant and the first thing I’ll ask for is bread and hummus!!!

However, for us people who frequent restaurants, we’ll know that hummus doesn’t come in the cheapest form. You’d have to go to places like Al-Rawsha (somewhere in KL) to find at least a decent tasting hummus. Betul tak? Pastu you’d be like lapar gila sebab all the food at Rawsha smells so good and you’d want to mandi in the nasi Mandy (or however you spell it, hahahahah).

Guess what people. I MADE HUMMUS!! YEAAAAAAHHH!!! Oh oh!! That’s not all!! I MADE BREAD TOO!!! Ciabatta bread to be exact!! Haaaahahahaha!! Terrer tak?? Terrer tak??

*pengsan ketawa*

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, in my most recent kitchen adventure I have indeed successfully made hummus, ciabatta, pastry apple pockets and err.. ok I forgot the name but it’s vegetables stuffed with meat and rice. Oh my god, I made a complete meal. *gasp* Mari kita kagum beramai-ramai sambil mulut ternganga.

Credit goes to my ‘cikgu’ who patiently taught us (me, my sister in law, and two other cousins) step by step on how to make these wonderful delicacies. Thank you Aunty Dila!! Unfortunately no pictures were taken during the process of making these yummy foods because at one point in time, my hands were all sticky with bread dough.

Seriously. STICKY. Making bread is not as easy as I thought it would be. Tak tau kenapa, orang lain buat ok je but when I kneaded the dough, the whole thing kind of stuck to my fingers. Half way through kneading the dough, it looked like some glob of sticky mess which gave me a bit of a panic attack. Thank goodness it turned out ok in the end. Such an amateur.

The bread turned out great, so kudos to me there.

Sila lihat roti gebu yang saya buat
The hummus? TO DIE FOR!! Sedap gila ok!! I served it to people and whenever people were done eating, I’d take the bowl of hummus to the kitchen and lick it clean before putting it into the sink. (ok a bit gross but I can’t help it, I love good hummus)

The yummy hummus. I love hummus.
The meat/rice stuffed veges were good too, although rather filling. It was quite the adventure when we were rolling the spoonfuls of meat/rice in the cabbage leaves (kenapa Aunty Dila buat lawa je kita punye semua nampak montok and chubby??) but we kept on going anyway and in the end, it turned out okay too. Didn’t have a chance to taste the apple pastry pockets (gambar pun takde kan? Hmmm… I wonder what happened to that)

They taste better than they look, honest
In the end, everything turned out awesomely well and I can’t wait to try it again on my own without my ‘cikgu’ to save the day in case I mess up. Hopefully it will all turn out just as good!!


  1. d*d : ehehhehehe, aawwww.. thanks babes!! will send some over when i make it next time 😀gf : thank you 😀 actually, i thought it was difficult too, but it’s more tricky rather than difficult from my point of view 🙂dody : aa.. kasi kita try buat one more time, then i’ll see if it’s good enough to share ok?! 😀

  2. mcm mana nak buat hummus ,,, ajar la kite disini .. aku suka sgt2 tp yg best bg sy bkn kt Rawshah tp Tarbush Ampang Point yg plg best sekali

  3. Oh my god, woman. You have my RESPECT! hahahah! That’s fantastic wey… bila mau ajak aku datang rumah coba??BTW, did i tell you that Imran and I love hummus too? *winks*

  4. rsa : yeaahh!! sila makan hummus! hummus sangat best!! tapi kasi banyak angin, ahhahahahyayakimo : yaayy!! tenkiu tenkiu!! hahahahah, cepat balik and pilih menu, WAHHHAHHAHA!!snt : thanks babe! antara cara menyelamatkan poket, heheheh

  5. Cayalah Twiggy! Memang hummus mahal giler kat Malaysia so berbaloi kalau buat sendiri esp bila ramai yg nak makannya. Kalau beli, sakit jugaklah pocket.

  6. OHMAIGAWD!!! CHOR HEBAT!!!!!!!!!!! terer terer (round of applause.. tepuk tepuk in circular motion) hehe. the bread u made MMG GEBU! omg omg.. u soooooo have to make one loaf for me when i go back home. kat sini, i’m always eating doughnuts. huhu. ANYWAY, hummus?? never heard of it. sedap eh? u MUST COOK ME ALL THE DISHES THAT U’VE LEARNED tau!!!!!!! lalalala

  7. adoi..meliur air leleh, eh..wrong..meleleh air liur reading ur Hummus mummus story.sedapnya..lucky thing you blog about it. My cafe downstairs, i baru realize ada one lebanese/arab stall.nampakla ada hummus and kebab.now I shall try it.eh..btw, bukan eja hummus is ha mim wau sim?not sod?hahha..ala..sod it la..asal sedap.hahahha..share la recipe hummus.macam hummer la pulak.hahhahahwell done!nice looking bread!yum yum

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