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Have you peeps been checking out the online shopping links I put up at the side? I’m sure you have 😀

Contrary to my previous online shopping frenzy during the previous months, I am proud to say that I have managed to calm my clicking obsession and have not bought anything online for the past one month. Yes, that’s a huge achievement considering that I used to buy something every other day (much to the alarm of the magistrate). The last thing I bought online was a head scarf (ha ah, tudung pun I bought online), and then that was it.

I stopped shopping online but I didn’t stop browsing though.

What made me cease my shopping frenzy you ask? Well, first of all, raya season taxed my pockets quite badly (baju raya, duit raya etc). Second reason, I have channeled most of my clothing and handbag funds towards my new-found interest, baking. Last but not least, the price of stuff sold online has gone up. Seriously.

I mean, I have been online shopping since before the online boutiques started mushrooming. At that time, only a handful of local online boutiques were around, and their price was certainly very affordable. Not many have discovered the joys of online shopping yet so there wasn’t the silly need of waking up at 3am in the morning and checking the latest boutique updates just so that you don’t miss the boat and have whatever you want be sold out.

Nowadays, on Emmagem (Malaysia’s online shopping directory), there are over 200 local online boutiques listed and more than 20 categories of shopping for you to browse. Almost every other shop is selling pretty much the same thing and you’d have to patiently browse on and on before you actually find something nice that’s AFFORDABLE.

Blouses and tops at rm70? Skirts at rm65??

It’s ridiculous. I might as well go retail and get the branded goods (or wait for the MegaSale).

Some of you might argue that it’s still cheaper than if I go to malls. Yeah, but I know that the prices are being hiked up, so it really is a turn off.

Mind you, not all online boutiques have hiked up their prices. Some are still maintaining their good-old-affordable price tags. Others though, are going up-hill and it really isn’t funny. Especially the new online boutiques.

So instead of being an activity of leisure and convenience, online shopping now needs about the same amount of time as if you were shopping at the mall. You still need hours and hours of browsing. I might as well go out and get the exercise.

Mind you, this is all my personal opinion. I’m just bummed that my shopping passion has been doused by the price hike. *sigh*


  1. snt : i know right?? it’s ridiculous. they price it at such high prices, when the quality of the material isn’t all that great. sheesh.

  2. My friends told me abt this online boutique based in Msia (i think it’s theirs) but when i check it out, the prices are quoted in USD! theyr not like usd10-15 but more like usd 40-80 ok? the msg was sent via facebook so i replied and asked why are they so expensive. their excuse? the materials are silk and of good quality. as if i dont read english and dont know tht cotton is not silk! 😛

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